It’s a well known fact that overclocking your PC’s processor can help to increase its performance, but picking a fan and a cooler can be a daunting task. In this article, we got to list out the best CPU coolers for overclocking from the current year and from the previous year as well. The list contains the best CPU coolers from each brand as well as the best cooler from each category.

CPU cooling is crucial to overclock stability. If you want to hit the highest scores in an intense gaming session or heavy work load, then your CPU will need sufficient cooling to keep it stable and the temperatures in check.

Overclocking your computer is a great way to get better performance out of your hardware, but it is also a great way to damage your hardware. Fortunately, there are some great CPU coolers on the market, some of which are even affordable. But, how do you pick the best CPU cooler for extreme overclocking?. Read more about best cpu liquid cooler 2021 and let us know what you think.

Believe me when I tell that without a CPU cooler, your system would quickly burn to a cinder. For the purpose of marketing the goods, I’m not exaggerating or generating a hyperbolic phrase. I’ve been through this experience, and it’s a nightmare. Because I was so obsessive about installing a good CPU cooling, my CPU died. That is why, today, I am providing you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide on selecting the finest CPU coolers for gaming and severe overclocking.

This article will explain what kind of CPU coolers to look for in 2021, as well as how to comprehend the notion of an optimal cooler. For additional information, read the article’s closing paragraphs/headings to learn more about the factors to consider when purchasing a CPU cooler. Without further ado, let’s get started on our search for the finest CPU coolers!

The Top 10 Best CPU Coolers for 2021 (Overview)

Kraken X53 by NZXT (Best versatile liquid CPU Cooler)


Because to its outstanding performance, the NZXT Kraken X53 receives the first place award for most flexible liquid CPU cooler.


We’re talking about a liquid cooler, so expect it to fill your casing with a rainbow of colors, resulting in hypnotic sights and a pleasant sight. It’s not unique to NZXT liquid coolers, but it’s found in a lot of them since they’re typically pricey and incorporate user ergonomics. Anyway, the top logo does the RGB dance and turns on automatically, so there’s no need to bother about RGB profiles or anything like that.


CAM is a piece of specialized software that you’ll need to push the cooler’s limits. If you are an overclocking aficionado, you may basically configure various fan profiles. This profiling guarantees that your cooler follows a set of instructions for reducing the high temperatures. Not to add that the same software can be used to change RGB colors and much more.

Layout and design

The liquid cooler has a sensitive and durable design that guarantees your CPU stays undamaged and functioning even when overclocked to high frequencies. To top it off, the cooler uses a dynamic bearing for silent operation, improving overall ergonomics and allowing for quiet spinning sessions. Aside from that, the cooler is made of nylon mesh sleeves and rubber tubing for added durability. Because the heat absorbed is immediately channeled via the cooler, it ensures that your cooler does not melt when cooling your CPU.


The fan is 80 x 80 x 55mm, has a motor speed of 800-280 RPM, is protected by aluminum, and has a plastic and brass cap filter. Aside from that, depending on the configuration profile, the fan speed may be adjusted from 500 to 2300 RPM. Last but not least, the noise levels are in the 21-36dBA range, which is very low for a liquid cooler.

Hyper 212 by Cooler Master (Best Performative CPU Cooler)


Cooler Master Hyper 212 RBG black edition is the next contender for best CPU cooler. It’s a fantastic air cooler that’s ideal for severe overclocking.

Airflow and Design

First and foremost, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB has an anodized gun-metal shroud with a polished aluminum surface. Basically, it aids in the removal of any kind of erosion or wind-related damage. Buckle up, because the cooler’s greatest feature is still to come. Cooler Master Hyper 212, on the other hand, has a strong airflow design. In other words, the stacked fin array functions as a mesh-like filter that allows air to pass through to the heatsink.

Finally, the fin mesh has been intentionally nickel plated to improve the radiating performance. To be honest, it’s all about metallic characteristics, which isn’t covered in this essay.

Technology for Direct Contact

Surprisingly, for efficient heat dissipation, the cooler employs direct contact technology. For example, the metallic bars absorb heat, which is then transferred to the air (convention) and ejected out the cooler. This whole procedure helps in the lowering of temperature. Isn’t it fascinating?


Given that we’re talking about the cooler king, you should anticipate extremely complex and mind-blowing goods. RGB accounts for just a tiny part of all collectively induced aesthetics. The on-trend black, the opulent silvery plate, and the jingling RGB lights. It’s a fantastic sight for video game fans.

Other characteristics

The cooler also has a push-pull fan arrangement, which is nothing more than a dynamic scaling of the fan’s rotational speed. You may also utilize an RGB controller (a specific hub) to manage profiles and settings, as well as the fan’s brightness. Aside from that, the fan speed is maintained between 650 and 2000 RPM, with a 10% error rate.

It’s worth noting that the fan’s noise level is between 8 and 30 decibels. When you raise the fan’s speed, it essentially changes. Furthermore, the fan is equipped with four heat pipes, resulting in a maximum airflow of 57.3 CFM. To be honest, that’s enormous.

Coreliquid MSI MSI MSI MSI MSI MSI MSI MSI MS (Best MSI Liquid CPU Cooler)


If you like MSI coolers, I’m certain you’ll fall in love with the MSI MGA CORELIQUID 240R AIO RGB Cooler.

Longevity and efficiency

To tell you the truth, this AIO cooler has it everything, from RGB modules to increased performance. With a 270-degree rotating blockhead, the cooler has a high-performance attitude. This feature aids in the reduction of rising heat. Not to add, the included program allows you to modify the RGB profiles. Furthermore, the identical blockheads assist in evoking the cooler’s fundamental aesthetics.


For sound damping and noise reduction, the cooler has a specialized pump design. Normally, liquid coolers produce a lot of noise due to the increased performance module, however this time it’s different. You hear little to no noise, which leaves plenty of space for ergonomics and a long-lasting user-friendly experience.

Thermal dissipation is high.

There’s no denying that the cooler is unique. You get your hands on something really amazing. The MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R, for example, features a divided route that helps with heat dissipation. For further durability and performance, you’ll receive three layers of netted plastic tubing and a reinforced mesh exterior.

Other characteristics

The cooler’s additional characteristics include a noise level of 24dB, which is a feature of an air cooler. Consider a liquid cooler that has low-noise characteristics. That, in my view, is interesting. Furthermore, you may utilize the same liquid cooler with AMD and Intel, implying that there are no rivalries or exclusivity for one CPU manufacturer. It’s worth noting that the cooler works best with AMD Threadrippers or Intel Core i9 or i7 processors with “K” versions.

NH D15 Noctua (Best Premium CPU Cooler)


It’s been said that Noctua supporters don’t care about looks. I won’t interpret it as an unpleasant phrase or tone accompanied by an aggressive gesture. Typically, Noctua is more concerned with performance than with aesthetics.

At its most basic level, simplicity

The Noctua NH-D15 has a booming classical design that is both refreshing and pure jewel. I think that the minimalist approach may assist certain individuals meet their requirements. For example, if you like overclocking but want your system to be as simple as possible, Noctua is the way to go.

Design with two towers

Do you know what makes Noctua NH-D15 unbeatable? It has a twin tower design, which consists of clever dual fans for improved heat dissipation. This aids in the implementation of heat-elimination pathways that resist aerodynamic acceleration. Furthermore, the efficiency of the fans is always 100 percent, which implies that consumers have never complained out-of-sync fan behavior. You receive what the instructions and the brand description say.


The question of whether the cooler can reduce RAM space has been debated for a long time, and the majority of the time, it has been proved accurate, but in certain cases, the assertion has been proven false. Nonetheless, the Noctua NH-D15 goes a step further in ensuring that all of the necessary requirements have been met. For example, the single fan-mode provides adequate room for your RAMS, thereby improving compatibility. The 64mm clearance is sufficient for 64GB of RAM (if each one of them is 16gigs).

Other characteristics

You receive a 2x NF-A15 PWM premium fan (dual use), 2x low noise-adapters, and a y-cable for powering on when it comes to the fan’s requirements. Furthermore, the fan fits into the Noctua metal case-bridge as well as the CPU mounting holes. In a nutshell, the package contains everything you’ll need to get started. Aside from that, there’s a little compromise. Because Noctua focuses more on efficiency and performance than on layout, design, and sound levels, the noise levels may not be attractive.

MasterLiquid (Best RGB Liquid CPU Cooler) by Cooler Master


Cooler Master takes up the title for best RGB liquid CPU cooler thanks to the gleaming lights included in its models.


The liquid CPU cooler is made up of five distinct parts: a dual chamber, a pump, a beautiful radiator, double tubing, and MF120R ARGB fans. When these components are combined, you obtain a beautiful and effective CPU cooler. Because of the dual-chamber design, hot air may be blown out as cold air is drawn in—this combination of intake and outtake makes this cooler an excellent option for resolving high temperatures.

Well, the pump and attractive radiator contribute to the overall appearance as well as the capacity to channel hot air out of the system. The cooler is nothing without these characteristics.

RGB lighting is a kind of lighting that uses three

The liquid cooler makes heavy use of wash-over RGB lights, which assist to give your system a distinct appearance. Not to add, if you have Cooler Master components in your system, you can simply install their proprietary software to sync the lights. Aside from that, you may channel the modes and RGB pattern at your leisure.

Other characteristics

It’s worth noting that this liquid cooler uses interchangeable CPU sockets, which means it may be used with both AMD and Intel processors without discrimination. To top it off, the cooler is made of aluminum radiator metal, which ensures its durability. It just does not end here. You’ll also receive a continuous airflow of 66.7 CFM and a fan speed range of 650-2000RPM. In my view, it is really amazing.

When it comes to noise levels, they remain between 6 and 30 dBA, which is remarkable considering how noisy most CPU liquid coolers are.

TH120 (Thermaltake) (Best Value-Added CPU Cooler)


To be honest, I’m looking forward to this entry since Thermaltake coolers are a favorite of mine. The explanation is straightforward. Thermaltake constantly makes sure that the coolers they sell in the pool stand out.

Headers that may be addressed

The Thermaltake TH120 ARGB’s greatest feature is that it has dedicated addressable Aura headers for improved connection. Simply connect the addressable header on the motherboard to the RGB lights, and they will switch on. You also receive the RGB Fusion 2.0 Digital pin header, the RAINBOW header for mystic light sync, and the LED header for polychrome RGB. When it comes to Thermaltake coolers, there is a lot of variation.

Fan Controller with Intelligence

An ARGB controller is included with the cooler, which aids in channeling the color options. In order for the controller to function, you’ll need a 5V addressable header. It’s a fantastic function since it allows you to choose between many RGB patterns, such as flow, ripple, pulse, blink, wave, full light, RGB spectrum, and so on.


A dependable pump and high-performance water block system are used in the cooler’s construction and architecture. This water block technology improves heat conductivity, lowering the system’s overall high temperatures. Aside from that, you may relax beneath the high-efficiency radiator, which helps to transfer the warm air outdoors. In summary, it’s a fantastic cooler that won’t let you down.

Hydro X Series by Corsair (Best Futuristic CPU Cooler)


The Corsair Hydro X series is a fantastic entry that caters to the requirements of gamers.

Water blockage on the CPU

This RGB CPU cooler uses a specialized water block, which is nothing more than a container for collecting cold water. As a result, your CPU may stay cool and functioning even when temperatures rise beyond a certain point.

Integration of RGB colors

The greatest thing about this cooler is that it makes full use of integrated RGB lighting that is built into the water block. To channel between various RGB patterns and settings, just use the iCUE software accessible on the Corsair website. To top things off, you can use the same RGB scheme to sync all of your Corsair components. To be honest, it’s just a few mouse clicks away.

Customized air conditioning

It just does not end here. The cooler also has separate cooling settings that may be used for varied overclocking. Set a more severe or likely cooling profile, for example, if you wish to overclock the CPU to its full capacity. In other words, the cooler is designed to serve a big group.


The cooler is compatible with a wide range of AMD and Intel chipsets, demonstrating its adaptability. Simply place the cooler on top of the necessary chipset, and you’re ready to go.

Esports Arctic Freezer 34 (Best White CPU Cooler)


Arctic Freezer 34 Esports is the next contender on our list. If you know your way around it, it’s a fantastic creature. Although it isn’t very attractive, its white hue makes it an excellent match for white motherboards and casings.

The cost-to-performance ratio

The BioniX P-fan is a beautiful fan with a texture that improves overall airflow. When it comes to the Arctic Freezer’s performance, it goes above and beyond. The usage of a heat sink with a thermal coating helps in increasing the necessary airflow. Furthermore, the tests reveal a great deal about the cooler’s performance. For example, even when the fan is set to its most aggressive setting, the noise level stays at 28dBA, which, in my view, is insurmountable.

An insider’s perspective for P-fans

High static pressure, an expanded RPM range, reduced power consumption, less vibration, a longer life lifetime, and high-quality bearings are all features of this innovative technology. When these characteristics are combined, you have a CPU cooler that is unrivaled for severe overclocking. The greatest thing about the CPU cooler is that you have adequate control over fan profiles thanks to the PST for synchronous fan control.

Heat dissipation has improved.

It’s hardly unexpected that the heat sinks have a thermal coating to help in heat dispersion. The heated air is pushed outward by the micro turbulences produced within the heat sink, lowering the overall temperature of your CPU. It’s worth noting that the identical CPU may be installed on AMD or Intel chipsets. It makes no difference since the cooler has a high compatibility ratio.


It’s not even intimidating when it comes to the installation. All you have to do now is place the cooler over the processor and secure it with screws. That’s it!

Arctic Liquid Freezer II is the sequel to the Arctic Liquid Freezer (Best Three-Fan Liquid CPU Cooler)


The Arctic liquid freezer II is the next cooler on our list. The prize for best three-fan liquid cooler went to this fan. Let’s take a look at why.

The Victory

You won’t believe it, but the fan was named the all-time champion. Essentially, the fan has been put to the test many times, and its performance has remained unsurpassed. It’s also worth noting that the cooler won the “European hardware award 2020,” which essentially means “best 240 version cooler.” It doesn’t end there; the cooler, as a result, has a higher price-to-performance ratio.


When it comes to cooling, the cooler is ideal for both AMD and Intel processors. The compatibility may be found in the handbook or on the internet. It cools threadrippers and “K” variants equally well, to be honest. The cooler’s greatest feature is that it distributes heat at a rate of 200W, which is considerably greater than its competitors. In any case, since the liquid cooler is equipped with a self-regulatory module, you won’t have to replace the coolant on a regular basis.

Other characteristics

Aside from that, the fan makes use of an in-house pumping system, which aids in effectively radiating heat outside. Finally, the premium class radiator has an ideal high fin density, which helps in heat dissipation. When it comes to VRM fan control, the fan is completely self-contained. Even the noise levels are kept to a minimum for the most part. In conclusion, it is a worthy addition to the list.

Iceberg IceSLEET X6 Thermal (Best Aesthetic CPU Cooler)


Iceberg thermal IceSLEET X6 Intel & AMD is the last entry on the list of best CPU coolers and brings absolute aesthetics into role play.

Shell of an iceberg

You must have never seen anything like this before, since the product is one-of-a-kind. Iceberg shelling is used for the architecture and design of the cooler, giving it a one-of-a-kind and unrivaled appearance. To be honest, this cooler is aimed for people who want to put in unique goods, whether they are costly or inexpensive.

Responses that are generated automatically

The cooler has an AI built in that monitors the environment and the temperature of the chipset. In essence, it controls the fan curve by determining the necessary threshold. For example, if your CPU temperature remains below 30 degrees, the cooler won’t go into an aggressive mode and will use less energy, making it one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly coolers available.


The Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET uses bond soldering for increased protection against wind gusts, which comes as no surprise. In general, the stacked fin is more restrained and robust, resulting in increased strength and the capacity to tolerate higher temperatures.

RGB synchronization

Finally, the cooler takes heavy use of RGB profiling for aesthetic purposes. ARGB synching may be enabled either via the addressable header or by software settings. Not to mention the ability to switch between several RGB patterns and settings.

Heat pipes made of copper

For the greatest heat radiation, the cooler also uses improved copper heat pipes, making it the ideal option for enthusiasts. In terms of airflow, it measures 76 CFM, which is simply incredible in my view. Aside from that, the noise levels remain constant at 0.36dBA. That’s admirable, I suppose.

What should you consider before buying the best CPU cooler?

TDP (Total Daily Power)

This is where the complication begins. But why is that? Because the thermal design point is a method of estimating the average dissipation of heat from a component, it may not be as simple as it seems. Here’s how it goes: Assume you have a CPU with a 300 TDP (thermal dissipation rate) and a CPU cooler with a 320 TDP. So, what do you think is going to happen? Surprisingly, the CPU cooler will not lower the temperature, but will, in fact, raise the total temperature of your CPU.

Because the CPU cooler’s TDP is greater than the CPU’s, your cooler is functioning as a warmer. As a result, you should use CPU coolers with lower TDP values than your present processor.

Compatibility with sockets

It’s the most essential consideration since you’ll always need a CPU cooler that fits snugly on your processor. To cut to the point, vendors often send out stock coolers so that the customer does not have to deal with compatibility issues. But what if you’re replacing a CPU cooler? Then you have to be cautious about where the AMD or Intel socket is located. Pose questions to yourself and investigate the options for the finest CPU Cooler.


People are stubborn when it comes to research, therefore it’s the most overlooked aspect. Let’s pretend that a $200 CPU cooler performs identically to a $100 cooler in terms of RGB coverage. So, what are your options? According to the renowned statistics, the likelihood of individuals chasing after an expensive cooler is at an all-time high. It’s all due to marketing tactics, which you should be aware of.

Before buying any cooler, it is usually necessary to establish a margin. Liquid coolers are without a doubt costly, but their performance ratio is what makes them stand out in the pooler. It’s just incorrect to compare an air cooler to a liquid cooler. In any case, before buying any kind of cooler, make sure you have a clear budget in mind.

Liquid coolers vs. air coolers

For years, there has been a heated discussion, and to be honest, nothing has been put into perspective. Some enthusiasts favor air coolers since they need less power, while the other half always choose liquid coolers for two reasons: first, liquid coolers are the way to go if you are into extreme clocking, and second, they are more attractive.

Basically, if you want the best performance and are willing to pay a hundred dollars or more, the liquid cooler is the way to go.

Sound Pressure Levels

When I suggest that sound levels should be disregarded, believe me. No one like the sound of jets in their computer cases, particularly if it’s an air cooler. Because the primary goal of liquid coolers is to restrict the greatest amount of heat lost, they may be as noisy as air coolers.

140mm fans, or as you increase in height, are usually noisier. To find something in the middle, make sure that number one fits on your cooler and that number two is enough for temperature decrease. In summary, choosing CPU coolers is a trial and error process since what is noisy for me may not be loud for you. So don’t give up!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the post; I did my best to provide all of the necessary information in the most thorough manner possible. It’s also worth noting that the list is not exhaustive and may grow in length as a result of current technology advances. So, yes, there are still hundreds of good CPU coolers available. What sets these entries apart is that they were subjected to extensive stress and testing before being given to the readers.

If you ask for my opinion, I would suggest Corsair liquid coolers since they are incredible and flexible in every aspect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CPU cooler for overclocking?

The best CPU cooler for overclocking is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It has a low profile, which makes it easy to fit in small spaces and it also comes with a low noise level.

What is the best CPU cooler in 2021?

The best CPU cooler in 2021 is the Noctua NH-D15S.

What is the most powerful CPU cooler?

The most powerful CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D15S.