It is important for new players to understand that not all weapons are created equal, and some are better suited for specific play styles than others. The most popular CS:GO weapons give you an advantage over your opponents, but they aren’t always the best choice; In this guide, we’ll talk about the five most important weapons in CS:GO, and offer some advice on how to know which one is right for you.

In CS:GO, you should not need to go out of your way to earn a lot of money. However, this does not mean that buying a good weapon isn’t something that you should do. There are many things that you should consider when buying a weapon, and one of them is how it is for beginners.

During the last few months, CS:GO has seen a massive growth in the amount of players joining the game. This is mainly due to several reasons, including the release of the game’s latest major update, named Devotion, and the emergence of several new and successful teams.

Not all weapons are made equal, and this is particularly true in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve’s hugely popular multiplayer shooter, just became free-to-play, and although the series has been around for a while, this entry may be your first introduction to it. If you’re new to the game and are feeling overwhelmed, read down for a list of the five weapons you should use as a beginner.

AWP (Advanced Workplace Program) (Sniper Rifle)

Whether you like it or not, the AWP is unquestionably the most iconic weapon on our list, excluding maybe the following item. That’s also for a good cause. This weapon is renowned for being simple to kill with. Do you have any doubts about your abilities to get headshots? Practice later, focusing only on the body. You’ll almost certainly get the kill, and if you don’t, your victim will flee for cover. The AWP’s enormous damage output is one of the reasons the community dislikes it so much, yet as a newbie, nothing beats it. It’s there, so take use of it.

Desert Eagle, No. 2 (Pistol)


The Desert Eagle is an unmistakable Counter-Strike symbol, doing tremendous damage at an equally amazing range for a pistol. Keep in mind, though, that the limited magazine count and strong recoil need a little more accuracy than your typical pistol. This rifle, on the other hand, is far from ordinary. We suggest saving the Deagle until the middle of the game, when your opponents begin to invest on armor. It’s also worth remembering that this is still a sidearm, so aim to use up your main weapon’s magazine first, then swap to the Deagle for a deadly follow-up.

3. The AK-47 (Automatic Rifle, T)


After a few matches with the AK-47, you may never want to play on CTs again. This automatic rifle can rip through enemy armor with less rounds than the M4A4 in the CT. A headshot with this rifle, even with a helmet on, is an instant kill. While the AK is an automatic rifle, it rewards patient with a first shot with very little recoil, making it ideal for usage at medium and long ranges. The weapon’s automatic firing will knock down most opponents in a few rounds at close range. You’ll probably perform fine with the AK if you can manage the recoil. Oh, and picking up this pistol from a fallen T has no stigma – we’ve all been there.

M4A4/M4A1-S (M4A4/M4A1-S) (M4A4/M (Automatic Rifle, CT)


The M4A4 is the CT version of the AK-47, featuring low recoil and excellent accuracy to compensate for its lesser damage output. Automatic fire, like the AK, is best reserved at close range, while burst and single-fire are rewarded at medium to long range. It’s also available in a silent version, the M4A1-S, which won’t display your position on the mini-map when shot, which is ideal for newcomers. We still suggest ditching this gun and its silent cousin in favor of the AK if you have the opportunity, but it’s still the finest automatic weapon for a CT.

5. The SG 553 (Automatic Rifle, T)


Pick up the SG 553 if you want something with greater accuracy than the AK-47 but don’t want to give up automatic firing. This T-exclusive weapon is one of the few automatic rifles with a scope, allowing for more accuracy and range than the AK. It has a higher price point and less damage than the AK, which makes it look like a poor bargain all things considered. If the AK is proving too difficult to handle for your beginning abilities, take up the SG and try it out.

This article will list out the 5 best weapons for beginners in CS:GO. While these lists are not definitive, they are my choices, based on my experience. This is not a dig at any weapons, but it is a guide for new players to get better with.. Read more about cs:go weapons list and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon to use in CS GO?

The best weapon to use in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the AK-47.

What weapons should I buy CSGO?

The most popular weapons in CSGO are the AK-47, M4A4, and AWP.


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