In the year 2020, the Earth is on the brink of collapse. The only hope is the ancient gods of battlefields who are still living the past and the present. Now, a young boy, who has a destiny, makes a journey to the ancient battlefields, to find the answers, so he may save the Earth.

Battle Gods is a RTS/RPG game developed by Roblox Inc. It’s a free to play game. You can play it on your browser. It’s a MMORTS which is the term for a multiplayer online battle arena. The way it works is it has a map and a bunch of Gods. You can play as the Gods and you can beat the map and these Gods. The way it works is you can trade items with each other. You can trade items to get better items. You can also play as the Gods in the game and you can beat it. You can get a lot of items from it. It’s a great game.

In this game, you will be able to play as either Zeus, Themis, Apollo, or Hades. But in this game, you will have to face the gods of the Greek mythology. In order to be able to play as the Greek Gods, you will need to find the God codes first, and it is the only way to be able to play the game as the Greek Gods. The Zeus, Themis, Apollo and Hades God codes are located in the game. The Zeus God Code is located on a pedestal in the middle of the throne room. The Themis God Code is located on a pedestal in the center of the main hall. The Apollo God Code is located on a pedestal located behind the statue of Apollo.. Read more about codes for battle gods simulator 2021 and let us know what you think.

Are you looking for a way to get free gems or prizes in Battle Gods Simulator Roblox without using any cheats? The following is a list of Battle Gods Simulator codes for the year 2020.

Codes for the Battle Gods Simulator

As of 2020, below is a list of all working/active/valid Battle Gods Simulator codes —

  • 15klikes: use this code to get a special free gift.


  • Edge: Use this code to get a free gift of 25k gems.


  • NewGame: use this code to receive a free prize of 100k gems.


Codes for Battle Gods Simulator have expired.

You should be aware that the codes are only valid for a limited time and will expire after a few days. As a result, you should put them to use as quickly as feasible. The following is a list of codes that are no longer valid –


Battle Gods Simulator Codes: How To Redeem

A step-by-step method to redeeming the Battle Gods Simulator code. On the right side of the game screen, look for the Twitter button. To input the code, click it and type it in. Enter the correct code. You will be rewarded.

What Is The Best Way To Get More Battle Gods Simulator Codes?

We recommend monitoring the game developer’s Twitter account, @anti1224, for the most up-to-date information on new codes. Alternatively, keep an eye on this page for fresh codes. We gathered them all on one page.

The Codes For Battle Gods Simulator

On the Roblox platform, Battle Gods Simulator is an excellent game. It has traditional fight battles in which you face other players and monsters for in-game money that you can spend to improve your character. You use super energy, acquire weapons, and there’s a lot of things to collect. We’re talking about the Battle Gods Simulator codes right now. Most of the time, these codes provide you access to special prizes and gems. You wouldn’t mind receiving the freebies whether you’re new or old to the game, right? Now, without further ado, let’s look at the codes listed above.

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Updates to the Battle Gods Simulator Codes Wiki: –

  • 1st of January 2020
  • In February of 2020,
  • The deadline is March 2020.
  • April in the next year
  • May 2020
  • In June of 2020,
  • In July of 2020,
  • In August of 2020,
  • In September of 2020,
  • In October of 2020,
  • In November of 2020,
  • In December of 2020,

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Recruit hundreds of thousands of your own troops, send them off via aircraft, train them to level they ultimate prowess, and unleash them on the enemy. Capture cities, build new facilities, and put an end to the enemy’s power in this turn-based strategy game.. Read more about battle gods simulator codes wiki and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some codes for battle gods simulator?

The codes for Battle Gods are as follows:

What do u do with gems in battle gods simulator?

Gems are used to purchase items in Battle Gods Simulator.

What is the secret code in slamming simulator Roblox?

The secret code in the game is Slam