Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the sequel to a mobile racing game that is extremely difficult. The sequel is proving to be even more challenging. The game is a racing game that allows players to create their own cars and race them against other players. Players can also enter into tournaments in the game.

You have been stranded on a tropical Island, lost in a maze of deadly traps. You now have to fight your way out in this endless runner game. The game is easy to pick up and play but hard to master.

If you’re a fan of racing games, chances are you’ve played Beach Buggy Racing, and you know it’s a much different game than its predecessor Beach Buggy Blitz. So why is Beach Buggy Racing 2 coming back? Well, we got the inside story from the developers themselves during a live stream on their YouTube channel. They told us about the new features in the game, the return of the iPhone version, and some new features that make it a great candidate for the mobile platform.

Beach Buggy Racing is similar to most go-kart games, such as Mario Kart and Mario Kart Deluxe. You have a simple to operate car with simple mechanics that barrels through mystical tracks and gorgeous dangers at great speeds. One of the best aspects of Beach Buggy Racing 2 is that it isn’t a particularly expensive pay-to-win game.

We’ve got a full number of suggestions for you in this guide, as well as a tutorial on how to win nearly every time and some power-up advice.

2 Beach Buggy Pointers

  • To access the game, click the Arcade button (located below the arrow on the lesson screen) to bring up the Tesla Arcade. The gas pedal is not used in this game. Only the brake and steering wheel are functional. The steering wheel directs you, the brake slows you down, and you activate power-ups by touching the screen. The passenger gets complete touch controls on the right hand side in 2-player mode.
  • The greatest boost, much as in the original game, is the jump start booster. Between the “1” of “3 2 1” and the “Go,” push the power button precisely once.
  • You don’t need to pay gems to challenge new drivers; the game will do so on its own from time to time.
  • Tracks and power-ups are unlocked as you go through the game. You may gain EXP by winning races and upgrading power-ups throughout the game. It will show you how much EXP you will get by upgrading the power-up! At least at the beginning of the game, upgrading gets you more EXP than racing.
  • Green (common), Orange (rare), and Purple (epic) upgrades are available. This was a re-balanced update that affected all of the power-ups. You can view your power-up deck under “power-ups,” and you can start collecting more than your initial deck at level 2.
  • Save your money and don’t update things just because you can. You may need to save up for a power-up that you want to use in your deck.
  • To get a chest, place in the top three. Even if you don’t place in the top three, you’ll still get EXP and money.
  • Beach Buggy Racing 2 is not yet available for PC or consoles, however the first Beach Buggy Racing is accessible on the Microsoft Store and is a decent game (most of the tips apply to it the original as well).
  • Upgrade the power-ups that best suit your playing style.
  • Don’t spend diamonds on chest opening. They should be saved for cars.
  • Keep as much of your car on the track as possible, and remember to brake while entering curves.
  • When you’re not in first position, save the driving ability.
  • Using the manage account option, you may move your game to another device.
  • If you’re power-sliding successfully, your wheels will illuminate (braking while turning)
  • At level 3, the daily challenge becomes available.
  • The greatest vehicle is typically any car with 1,000 diamonds and that suits your needs. I like vehicles with a lot of handling and maximum speed, and I never want to slow down. Strange Rover, for example, is sort of cool for me. It all depends on how you play.

How to Almost Always Win

To win nearly every time, you’ll need to get a successful power boost off first. Then, as soon as the power-up bubbles appear on the map, you’ll want to strike them. Avoid slow-moving objects, attempt to power-slide into corners as much as possible, and stay as close to the track as possible. If you are successful in passing, activate your offensive power-ups. If you’re rushing in first, on the other hand, you may just trash a power-up before hitting another bubble to see if you can obtain anything stronger or defensive to prevent you from being attacked from behind.

If you’re looking for bubbles, opt for the “!” bubbles since the power-ups don’t have to be charged. You may bring up to eight power-ups into a race, but only utilize your eight most improved ones.

At least two defensive power-ups (shield and cure are acceptable), something homing, and finally anything you actually want are all required in your power-up deck. Some power-ups, such as Lunar Gravity, seem to function effectively against the AI, while others, such as the Freeze Ray, seem to be a little annoyance. After the power-up rebalance, you may choose which power-ups you want to use.


Guide to Increasing Your Power

The beginning power-ups, the power-ups you acquire soon after the start, the greatest power-ups, and some comments on creating a fantastic Beach Buggy Racing 2 power-up deck can all be found here.

  • Fireworks: This is just a straight shot. The more you improve it, the more you can use a single power-up pickup to power it.
  • Shield: Blocks attacks; the amount of assaults blocked is determined by upgrades. When you hear anything approaching you or when you’re nearing the finish line, do this. Anything with a “shield” symbol is blocked.
  • Tiki Seeker: Aims for the closest possible target. More pictures are available if you upgrade.
  • Spring: Places a trap in front of you, launching a motorist into the air. It’s best to use around bubbles or in tight areas like turns.
  • Boost Juice: Increases your peak speed for a short period of time. Upgrade for increased speed and duration.
  • Death Bat: A loud projectile flies down the middle before striking first. With the exception of a shield, there is no way to stop it. Doesn’t work in a hurry!
  • Donut Tires: Causes the vehicle in front of you to slow down, or if you’re in first place, the driver behind you to slow down. Only when their tires are on the ground does it function.
  • Cluck Crate: Places an impediment in the way.
  • DYN-O-MITE: Detonates dynamite on the motorist in front of you, or on the driver behind you if you’re in first. They will explode if they hit anything, but if they drive cautiously, they will be OK. Without the debuff, it has no effect on drivers.
  • While engaged, the Police Chase gives a speed boost and blocks everything that the shield blocks. As a result, it’s ideal for catching up to adversaries.
  • Big Bang: A large AOE assault in the vicinity of first place. Other gamers may be harmed.
  • Hydra: Fires a swarm of hydra heads forward, homing in on opposing vehicles.
  • Freeze Ray: It’s essentially a debuff that causes the driver to slide about. I’m not a big fan of it.
  • Lunar Gravity: Lifts all opponents in front of you, or one behind you if you are first, into the air, allowing them to only move straight forward for a short time. It’s best to utilize it in a turn since it’ll nearly always allow you past someone who doesn’t have a cure.
  • The Tesla Coil is a device that prevents hostile drivers from approaching your car.
  • Cure: You can cure any power-up that has the “cure” symbol on it. So if it’s bothering you, it’ll go away.
  • Enemies can’t use power-ups because of the jammer. Only affects opponents in your immediate vicinity.
  • Chain Lightning: Brings racers in front of you to a halt for a few seconds. After hitting one racer, he goes on to the next. It only comes to a halt when it reaches first or collides with a motorist who is not paying attention. The vehicle returns to its original speed and direction after the influence wears off.
  • Untouchable: Essentially, it makes you eternal while it’s active, except when you leave the planet.
  • Warp Speed: Quickly propels you ahead.
  • Barrage: Launches a barrage of pyrotechnics in your direction. The grand finale of the fireworks display.
  • Pickpocket: Starts in first position and moves backwards, attempting to steal a power-up from the first opponent player it encounters. You receive a shield if no one else has a power-up.

There are a lot more power-ups in the game, but they all work in the same way. You should be a master by the time you unlock them. The death bat, cure, shield, police pursuit, untouchable, tesla coil, chain lightning, and hydra, in my view, are the greatest power-ups.

The explanation for this is simple: Death bat goes for what it wants first, and on the way there, it will kill a number of other bats. Cure is excellent for responding to an assault, whereas shield is excellent for preventing one. The greatest form of the “speed boost” is the police pursuit, since you receive a shield in addition to the speed increase. Untouchable is very strong and will protect you from harm. Tesla coil and chain lightning both accomplish the same thing: they slow down traffic and allow you to catch up. Finally, Hydra is the greatest homing attack since it effectively clears away the vehicles ahead of you and allows you to catch up.

The majority of traps are terrible. The AI is quite adept at avoiding them, particularly in later stages, and they’re not simple to utilize. Angry bees, on the other hand, are amusing.

So, I hope this advice is useful to you on your karting adventure!

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the ultimate mobile racing experience, like no other. The sequel to the smash hit Beach Buggy Beach Buggy Racing app, Beach Buggy Racing 2 brings racing to new heights and features new, gorgeous vehicles, including the Tesla electric car, the Mercedes Benz sports car, and the Ferrari sports car.. Read more about beach buggy racing 2 wiki and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play beach buggy on Tesla?

You must first get a Tesla to play beach buggy.

How do you cheat on beach buggy 2?

You cant.

Which car is best in beach buggy 2?

The best car in Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the Ford Mustang.

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