What are the best one-handed keyboards for gaming?

The best one-handed gaming keyboard 2020 is a type of keyboard that has been designed for gamers. These types of keyboards are typically smaller and more compact than traditional keyboards, which makes them ideal for users who play games on their laptops.

Most gamers still use full-sized keyboards with all of the alphabets and fundamental buttons, whether it’s a 104-key keyboard, tenkeyless, 40 percent, or 60 percent, but these keyboards take up the majority of your desk area and are excellent for multitasking.


However, there are several excellent alternatives available right now for pure gaming, where you can make the most of the available area by moving your mouse about as much as possible. These are the One-Handed keyboards, which you may or may not have heard of since they aren’t as popular as the full alphabetic keyboard because they can’t be used at work. However, if you are unable to use much of the space on your desk owing to your large-sized keyboard or a lack of space, one-handed keyboards may be used.

After a long day at work, just switch the full-sized keyboard with a one-handed keyboard and enjoy gaming to the fullest. These keyboards are ideal for fps games that need a lot of mouse movement owing to lower sensitivity, since most competitive games, such as CSGO, require a lower mouse sensitivity for better targeting. A one-handed keyboard typically contains 30-45 keys, which include all of the keys that are most frequently used in games, and takes up around 5-9 inches of desk space, making it extremely small. So, without further ado, here is the definitive list of the greatest one-handed keyboards in 2020!


DITI Redragon K585

Specs in a Nutshell:

Custom Blue mechanical switches and 42 keys There are 28 macro settings in all. 5 total modes and RGB backlighting Magnetic wrist rest pad that can be removed 9′′x11′′x2′′ Dimensions (LxWXH)






Redragon is one of the most well-known minor peripheral companies in the world, well known for its low-cost gaming mouse and keyboards. For the last two years, I’ve been using its K553 game keyboard and M601 gaming mouse. They were an excellent value for money. The Redragon K585 DITI is a one-handed keyboard with a unique design that includes not only the necessary keys for gaming, but also the F keys and a total of 7 Macro keys, which are ideal for MOBA games.

One-handed keyboards aren’t your thing? Then have a look at our list of the best low-profile keyboards.

Furthermore, there are extra N and P keys that are not present on typical one-handed keyboards. The keyboard also has RGB illumination, which has five distinct settings and is brighter than most branded RGB keyboards. It comes with a magnetic wrist rest pad that can be quickly removed or connected, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions. This keyboard has received the most favorable feedback from customers who have tried a variety of one-handed keyboards since it contains everything you need at a low price of just $37.

What is it that is good?

  • There are 42 keys in all, including seven specialized macro keys.
  • Customization and RGB backlighting
  • Longer functioning with custom blue mechanical switches
  • Magnetic wrist rest that can be removed

What isn’t it?

  • It’s a little larger than typical one-handed keyboards.

Koolertron makes some excellent one-handed gaming keyboards. They aren’t one-of-a-kind, and they don’t provide a lot of features; instead, they focus on the essentials. This may be beneficial to one but not to the other. The Koolertron one-handed keyboard, which is just 5-inches in length and 3.5-inches in breadth and is approximately half the size of the Redragon K585, is presently the smallest keyboard on our list for people who have limited work space or who want to be as compact as possible.

This keyboard includes 16 letter keys, 6 number keys, and an additional ESC key. Despite the limited choices available to you, you may configure all of the keys to suit your requirements. The main disadvantage is that if you are switching from a full-layout keyboard that utilizes Shift, CTRL, and ALT keys to this for gaming, you may find it difficult to adjust fast.

Thankfully, this keyboard also has unique Blue mechanical switches with four distinct RGB illumination settings to keep your eyes happy. Red switches and vintage keys are also available for the keyboard.

What is it that is good?

  • With just 23 keys, it’s quite small.
  • Blue mechanical switches with a unique design
  • 4 options of RGB backlighting
  • Red switches are also available in 7 distinct variants.

What isn’t it?

  • There are no more multimedia keys available.
  • There are no Shift, Alt, FN, or Space keys, so you’ll have to assign them manually.


Sir Z1 is a game created by GameSir.

Specs in a Nutshell:

There are 33 Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches in all. 29 customizable keys and 4 dedicated macro keys Backlighting with a dynamic RGB spectrum Pad for resting the wrist






The GameSir Z1 is a good one-handed keyboard that works on both PCs and mobile devices. If you wish to utilize it for mobile gaming, you may do so wirelessly, but it does not function with a PC. There are a total of 33 keys on this keyboard, including four macro keys, and 29 of them are fully programmable. The Koolertron keyboard, on the other hand, has the Shift, CTRL, and ALT keys.

Cherry MX blue switches are used on the keyboard, which are more dependable than bespoke blue switches and therefore provide superior performance. The keyboard, on the other hand, has Red switches for quick performance, and its functions are controlled by a special program that can also be used to customize the lighting effects.

Do you have any idea which mechanical switch is the best for gaming? 

Despite the fact that it had a lot of excellent features, it didn’t function properly for a lot of individuals. Many users have reported that the LEDs on the device eventually ceased functioning. Some users complained about the company’s misleading advertising that it was wireless on PC. However, there are more good ratings than bad reviews, so if you want to be safe, buy the Redragon K585 keyboard, which is less expensive but lacks Cherry MX mechanical switches.

What is it that is good?

  • Top-of-the-line Cherry MX Red switches
  • Backlighting in RGB and software for personalization
  • There are a total of 33 keys, including four macro keys.
  • Pad for resting the wrist

What isn’t it?

  • Expensive
  • There are a few more complaints about dependability compared with comparable keyboards.
  • With the wrist rest, it takes up more horizontal space.

For those who desire more keys to work with, Koolertron offers another excellent one-handed keyboard with a total of 43 completely customizable keys. F keys, number keys up to 7, Windows key, and even Enter are all on the keyboard. You may program any key to function as if it were another key not found on the keyboard, and Koolertron includes software that allows you to modify its operation as much as you like.

Gateron Red switches are used on the keyboard, which are very dependable and need a total force of 45cN. It has a length of almost 8 inches, but is quite thin with a height of 1.2 inches, unlike other one-handed keyboards. This keyboard costs $75 at the time of writing, which is more than the cost of any other keyboard on this list.

What is it that is good?

  • There are 43 keys that cover the majority of the needs.
  • F and up to seven number keys are present.
  • Gateron Red switches are known for their quiet and dependable functioning.
  • It comes with special software for programming keys.

What isn’t it?

  • It’s very large, with a length of about 8 inches.
  • There is no RGB backlighting.
  • Expensive


Although there are more one-handed gaming keyboards available on the market, I decided not to include them due to the lack of evaluations and the fact that they are from a non-popular brand at the same time. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are one handed keyboards better for gaming?

This is a very broad question, so I wont be able to provide you with an answer that will apply to everyone. What is your preference?

What are the best one handed keyboards?

The best one handed keyboards are the ones that have a separate numpad.

What is the point of a one-handed gaming keyboard?

A one-handed gaming keyboard is a keyboard that allows for easy access to the keys while you are playing games with one hand.