RGB is the new standard for gaming headsets, and these are some of the best you can buy.

The best gaming headset is a term that has been thrown around for years. With the release of new headsets, it can be hard to decide which one is the best.


Gaming headphones are already well-known for their unrivaled crystal clear sound, which comes in handy in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where you need to hear footsteps. I’ve tried hundreds of various headsets, both high-end and low-cost options. My opinion of their design has changed, and I’ve seen individuals adjusting to fresh styles. It’s not difficult to get a good-looking headset on the internet these days. There are a variety of luxury as well as locally branded cheap headsets that have a distinctive style that makes them extremely appealing.


RGB lighting is what adds to their appeal. I’ve probably tried 7-10 various kinds of RGB headsets and I never get tired of looking at them, except when I’m wearing them and only the other person can see the lights. Whatever the case may be, when your headset’s lights are turned on, it adds to the elegance of your setup, and they’re not just fancy looking metal and plastic; they also include 7.1 surround sound, which immerses you in the game. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of finest RGB gaming headsets!

RGB Headsets of the Highest Quality

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB (Red, Green, and Blue)

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The Corsair Void RGB headset is one of the finest from the previous generation. Even if it isn’t the most recent, it still performs well. The price of this headset has been reduced to $60, which is a fantastic bargain right now. The RGB content of the headset is limited to what is needed. The Corsair emblem in the middle of the two earpads looks nice, and the lights on them can be adjusted using the Corsair iCue program.

The earpads are made of a breathable net fabric, and the headrest can be adjusted to the desired height. It features a straight microphone, which is better than the flexible one in my view and adds more beauty to it. Your workstation will appear more beautiful if you use it with the Corsair ST100 RGB stand, since both of them may be synchronized together via the software.


Arctis 5 by SteelSeries

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SteelSeries Arctis 5

My all-time favorite headset is the SteelSeries Arctis 5. I purchased it in 2018 and it is still my favorite. The headset seems to be tiny, yet it has a quality feel about it. The earpads are extremely comfy, and the mic can be stowed away within the earpads, saving a lot of room. It has a flexible headrest that does not push on the head and is always light.

The earpads feature a large ring RGB LED light that looks better than the Corsair Void Pro RGB, and SteelSeries Engine 3 allows you to customize the colors and effects. There are two ways to attach the headrest. Either via the 3.5mm jack pin or USB. It has a lengthy connection, so you may sit in one part of the room while your computer is in another.


Nari Wireless 7.1 Chroma RGB Headset by Razer

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Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 Chroma RGB Headset

Razer offers a number of excellent gaming headsets, but the Razer Nari wireless headset is the one that will eliminate cable clutter while still delivering excellent 7.1 surround sound and RGB illumination. The headset has a swiveling earcup that adapts to the shape and position of the ears, as well as a flexible headrest and large earpads that offer excellent comfort.

The Razer logo on the earpads, which utilizes RGB LEDs that can be adjusted by the Razer Synapse program, is comparable to the Corsair Void RGB in terms of RGB lighting. You may use this program to operate several Razer peripherals including the keyboard, mouse, and headset stand. This headset costs $100, which is more than the other two.


Best RGB Headsets for the Money

Surround Gaming Headset RUNMUS 7.1

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It is not essential for just well-known brands to create excellent headsets. I’ve tried a number of local or well-known branded headsets that function nearly identically to expensive headsets. The absence of control software is the only significant distinction between these two.

The Runmus Gaming headset is a $30 headset that requires no software to customize and works using a plug-and-play approach. The headset has an adjustable headrest, which isn’t ideal but adequate for the price. The RGB illumination on the earcups, which covers a large area, is one of the best features of this headset. A 3.5mm audio connection with a USB adapter is included, which allows the headset to power the RGB LEDs. The LEDs will not turn on if you do not utilize it.

This is Amazon.com’s best-selling headset for $30, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t purchase it if you’re on a tight budget, particularly because it’s completely compatible with most of the newest gaming consoles and PCs.


USB Pro Gaming Headset by Jeecoo

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The Jeecoo USB headset, which has 7.1 surround sound and a more luxurious style, is another best-selling headset on Amazon. It has oval ear cups that are extremely comfy to wear. The headrest isn’t as flexible as the SteelSeries Arctis 5 or some other high-end headsets, but it can be adjusted. The headset has a rotating mic and a control mechanism that allows you to adjust the volume and disable/enable the microphone.

On the earcups, an RGB LED line runs through the center, over which the word XIBERIA is inscribed. It’s most likely the headset’s original manufacturer name, which has now been renamed as Jeecoo, but it doesn’t matter if the headset works well. The headset is plug-and-play and does not need any software to operate. This is identical to the last one, but with a more appealing appearance. It works with a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, and Laptops.


7.1 Surround Gaming Headset by RegeMoudal

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Ragemoudal is another well-known brand that, like the other two, is known for having the finest looks among RGB headsets. The design is basic, with a simple yet padded headrest and delicate padding in the earcups. To be honest, it’s not very dependable, but it should last a long time, making it worth the $29 price tag.

On each earcup, there are two separate RGB lighting zones, with a single RGB LED strip on the edges and an S-shaped bird emblem in the center. It illuminates the earcups with RGB lighting and, once plugged into your computer, it is ready to display its colors without the need for any software. It works with the newest consoles and computers, and it has the best-looking RGB headset on the list.



Now that RGB is ubiquitous, it’s time to upgrade to RGB headphones without sacrificing sound quality. The above-mentioned 6 headsets are excellent value for money; if you don’t want to compromise performance or reliability in any way, go with one of the three premium headsets; however, if you’re on a budget, any of the three budget headsets will allow you to realize your dreams of having RGB lighting on your headphones and enjoying surround sound quality.


The best headset with mic is a type of gaming headset that has a microphone. They are perfect for playing games online and chatting with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RGB in a headset?

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue. RGB is the color spectrum that is used in computer monitors and displays to create different colors.

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