Just like when you were a kid playing with your LEGO, building a shelter in the desert is a blast. You get to do it over and over with new weapons, enemies, and loot! But, the real challenge is keeping your character alive and safe. In this guide we’ll cover the basics of building a shelter, as well as tips on how to survive the mission on the road to Sanctuary.

This is the second and final part of our guide for Borderlands 2, the sequel to the 2008 cult classic. After you complete the game’s main campaign, you’ll unlock the world of Pandora, where you can explore the planet’s diverse environments, including its mountainous peaks, arid deserts, lush jungles, and underwater ruins.

So, you’ve been playing for a while now and you’re just starting to feel comfortable with the game. You’ve got a decent amount of money, you’re collecting those sweet gear mods, and you’ve got a decent sized stash of resources to make your way through the game at your own pace. You still might not know what you’re doing, but you’re making progress.

To begin your hunt for Corporal Reiss, grab a light runner from the closest Catch-A-Ride station. Continue south on the road until you reach the objective marker and Reiss’ last known position. As you approach the location, it seems like the news cannot be good. The debris of what seems to be Reiss’ technical vehicle is visible. When a swarm of bullymongs approaches, wipe them out with your car’s strong weapons before exiting to investigate the area.

Begin your quest after the bullymongs have all died. Corporal Reiss has left an ECHO recorder in the middle of the road. The Bloodshots have taken a toll on him, so he’ll try to flee to the Marrowfields. The bloodshots seem to be on the lookout for a power core he took from them. Roland needs your assistance in ensuring that Reiss is safe and that the power core has been retrieved.

Because you won’t be able to reach the fields with a car, you’ll have to walk the rest of the way. To get to the Marrowfields, keep going south. Bullymongs abound in the region, and as you approach Reiss’s position, they will harass you. If they get overpowering, use your ability; nevertheless, there aren’t many of them, so eliminating them should be pretty simple.


As you approach closer to Reiss, he broadcasts a distress call for assistance. You reach a cliff, where three bandits are thrashing the unfortunate corporal. Approach Reiss after killing the three bandits. Reiss is shocked that a vault hunter was needed for his rescue, but he is thankful nevertheless. He doesn’t make it, however, and with his last breath, he requests that you return the power core to the Bloodshots. Roland is heartbroken at the death of one of his finest soldiers. He requests that you not only retrieve the power core, but also assassinate several bandits for Reiss. This is an optional goal, however it will be worthwhile to kill the bastards following the loss of Reiss.

Return to the Marrowfields and then go west. Up ahead, you’ll find the entrance to Windbreak Camp. The power core is somewhere in there, but you can bet there will be plenty of bandits. As soon as you go within the boundary, a swarm of robbers will swarm you. Use your abilities to get an edge over them by hiding behind buildings, obstacles, and anything else you can find. Grenades will also assist in the thinning of their ranks. The power core may be obtained by killing a random bandit. Continue to slay them until one drops the power core.


It’s time to return with the power core in hand. If you like, you may remain a little longer to murder additional bandits in Reiss’ honor. While there are many Bloodshots to defeat, there is plenty of treasure to be found around the camp. At the top of camp, there is a weapons chest with some cool random weapons that you should check out.

Return to Sanctuary’s main gate and make contact with Lt. Davis after you’re done. You’re ushered inside by the lieutenant. Once you’ve arrived in Sanctuary, look for Davis at a tiny outpost just outside the town. He requests that you swap out the current power core with the one you already have. Because the machine is directly behind you, replace the core as soon as possible. These power cores form a protective barrier surrounding the settlement, shielding it from Hyperion’s attacks.

You may have contributed to the town’s salvation, but your triumph is fleeting. Roland’s ECHO communicator has died, according to Davis. It seems that you’ll have to figure out what happened to the former vault hunter. For the time being, accept Davis’ well-deserved prize.


Amount: $105

733 years of experience

Item: a shotgun or an assault rifle at random

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This is the conclusion of the Borderlands 2 guide, and the conclusion of my journey through the game. I will be splitting this guide into two parts. The first will cover the game’s story and the other will cover the process of the game. This guide will be released in 2 parts. Part one will be released in about a week, and part two will be released about a month after that.. Read more about borderlands 2 sanctuary secrets and let us know what you think.

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