Well, it is now Christmas Eve, so it is time to share one of the best games of this year. Captain Spirit is a game by Ghost Ship Games which was released in the year 2017. The game was initially released for the PS4 and PC, but later it was released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Captain Spirit is a game released by Dontnod Entertainment, and it’s quite a lot of fun for someone who enjoys puzzle games. In the game, you play as a child who is called upon by the spirit of a sailor to help him find his cat. He has entrusted you with all four items from his collection, and you need to go around the game world and find them before he dies.

Captain Spirit is a 3D action-adventure game developed by a small game studio called Broken Rules. This game is set in the late 20th century and you play as a young boy in a dystopian world named Captain Spirit. The main goal is to rescue the members of a vanishing squad of children and to discover the truth of why these children have been abducted.


Here we show you how to get ALL the details of the Captain Spirit costume!

Makeup: In the bathroom. In the closet next door.
Chris’ room. In the cabinet
GÜRTELSTRÄNGE (PANZER) : In Chris’ father’s room. This is the pocket next to the bed closest to window
PAINT : It’s in the garage. First you have to get the key that is above the back door (the one you can’t get out of).

Open the garage and find the colors on the back shelf at the right side of the table.


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Captain Spirit is a game that is created by the developers of Kingdom Hearts, and announced during the E3 conference. It was a rather interesting game during E3, though I didn’t play it. Later on, I learned that the game basically has you playing through the life of a kid named Billy, who is apparently a real-life version of Captain Spirit.. Read more about captain spirit how to complete all tasks and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get past the junk pile in Captain spirit?

You can use the shovel to dig through the junk pile.

Where is the paint in the awesome adventures of Captain spirit?

The paint is in the bucket.

What is the PIN code in the awesome adventures of Captain spirit?

The PIN code is 1234.