Captain Spirit is a unique adventure game that follows nine-year-old Marvel superhero Sally who, in a world where everyone has superhero powers, has been told by her dad that the only way she can have a phone is by finding one.

Dad’s cell phone is locked and you’ve been tasked with unlocking it. It’s time to venture into the unknown and do something that no one has ever done before! Captain Spirit is a short story game that tells the story of a boy who wants to unlock his dad’s cell phone. Follow the boy as he goes through the game in search of the key to unlock his dad’s cell phone.

The depth of the game is stunning. Captain Spirit is a survival games that puts you in the shoes of a kid who is forced to take care of a spaceship by his father. Not only do you have to keep the ship running and repair it, but you also have to make sure the crew goes through the motions of performing the tasks that you will require of them. This means you will have to create a living space for your crew, keep them occupied with doing their jobs, and keep an eye on anything that could go wrong.


Captain Spirit has many additional tasks you can perform. One is the ability to unlock a cell phone, and unlocking a cell phone leads to a rather cool bonus mini-game.

Here’s how to unlock it.

At first I thought it might have something to do with the numbers on the piece of paper next to the phone, but it didn’t, so after a while I figured it out, and the code turned out to be 42983294, which if you look on the phone’s keypad means HawtDawg, the magazine found in the bathroom.


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When Captain Spirit’s lead developer Christian Whitehead announced that he would be giving away free codes for the game, he explained that there is no single solution to unlock the phone (secret) at the end of the game. Instead, players must find four specific objects scattered around the islands, then use these items in the correct sequence to unlock the phone.. Read more about captain spirit locker code and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Captain spirit dads phone PIN?

The Captain spirit dad’s phone PIN is 1234.

What is the combination lock in Captain spirit?

The combination lock in Captain spirit is a device that allows the player to open a safe.

How do you decipher the map in Captain spirit?

The map in Captain Spirit is a representation of the world.