Castlevania Harmony of Despair is a great game, but you probably know that. It is a notoriously difficult game to beat without level grinding, and one of the only games that you can get 3 stars on (you can get up to 5 stars with a lot of hard work). This guide will teach you how to get all the achievements that you want without using any of the level-grinding.

This guide will provide an easy, step-by-step guide on how to farm a lot of souls quickly and efficiently in Castlevania Harmony of Despair. This game is an amazing farming game and is a great game for farming souls. This game is played with the mobile phone and the mobile phone is connected to a computer and the computer is connected to a television.

Castlevania Harmony of Despair is a fast paced action platformer that features intense boss battles. With the update came a plethora of new items, weapons and different enemies. This guide will help you get the most out of your game so you can clear the game and get that 100% sync.


Here are the quickest agricultural routes: This tutorial is thanks to Tsunaka.


Run to the right and up to the (not yet flooded) merman chamber in Chapter 1. If you’re not Shanoa, do a jump kick to climb to the ledge. After that, it’s very straightforward.


Chapter 2: a) Proceed normally until you reach the fire chamber, then utilize invincibility frames (puppet/heal/martial arts, etc.) to go to the other side. Continue as usual after flipping the switch.


b) Go to the two-switch sliding door location, press the switch, then backslide to open it without assistance. If you’re not Shanoa, go to the open chamber with the scales and leap from the skulls to the first ledge on the right. Wait a few seconds, and a ghost should appear, ready to jump kick you up to the next level. Go straight to the boss switch and start killing.




Chapter 3: Up, right, down, strike the boss, hit the knee while going left, climb on the ledge of your choosing, shoot at the heart/face/knee as desired. There aren’t many shortcuts to be found… You could possibly imp leap (follow an imp and utilize it to jump kick off) instead of going all the way around.


a) Read Frankenstein all the way through to Dumbahan, Bubble Doggies, and Imp. Return imp to the dullahan area’s right and imp leap up to the picture. Leap down to the moving platform area and then imp jump up. Done! Soma can imp leap from Yorick’s Skull by placing it on the ledge under the picture and instantly jumping kicking forward; puppet master may assist if the timing is wrong.


b) Approach the imp and imp leap up to the chest above you, then turn left to the switch and continue as desired.


Chapter 5: Climb the clock tower and exit via the top left. Climb down with three skele gunners to the ledge and wait for death’s scythes or an imp leap if you pulled one along (harpies work too.) Anyway, imp leap up Shanoa’s magnet with your imp/scythe/harpy, then turn left and up to the boss. If you utilized Death’s scythes, be sure to thank him. He’s very helpful.


Chapter 6: Too simple =[ Do everything you can to get past the Final Guards, taking damage to knock them out. This chapter is jam-packed with food, so that’s not an issue.