When you first start Final Fantasy XV, Ignis asks you to pick a side quest to do. Ignis is the game’s most level headed character, and the one you get to hang out with most, so picking his side quest was a no brainer. However, with the game proving to be so massive, and with a lot of content to get through, I decided to pick a side quest that I could manage to get through pretty quickly, and make Ignis wait. This is the first in a series of posts about Final Fantasy XV’s secret side quests / cutscenes.

Final Fantasy XV’s Campsite Side Quests are great to play through – they’re short and easy to wrap up, and offer a nice little pocket money bonus. The problem is that there are no original cutscenes to play through, so you’re forced to use the game’s main story to get to the start of each Side Quest. This is the compilation of all of the side quests in the game, recreating the content so that it can be played over again.

After completing the main story of Final Fantasy XV, many players will want to head back to Insomnia City to explore the secret campsite and campfire side quests. If you’re looking for the best place to find these side quests, you’re in luck. Since Noctis and his friends are too busy to participate in the main story, a break was created for the two Campsite Stories: The End of the World and The End of the World – Part II . Both of these side quests are located at the secret campfire in the middle of the world map of Insomnia.

The hidden Campsite / Side Quests may be activated at random or may need certain criteria to be met before they appear.

Anyway, since Ignis is our favourite character in Final Fantasy XV (FF15), we decided to put together a short movie of all of the various Campsite (Fire) / Side Quests sequences in which Ignis appears.

They may not be all of them, but they are the ones that we were able to locate on our own.

The following sequences will be included in this video:

Stew Preparation Ignis removes his spectacles.

Vegetable Chopping  

Please go elsewhere if you’re looking for instructions on how to unlock them

If you’re aching to see more of the exciting adventures of the main protagonists of Final Fantasy XV, then look no further than this awesome video compilation uploaded by our very own  Ignis. These are some of the many secret moments of the game that can only be accessed or discovered by specific actions and events that Ignis can perform. Enjoy!. Read more about ffxv side quest checklist and let us know what you think.