In Darksiders III, players assume the role of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as she continues her quest to rid the Earth of the Seven Deadly Sins. Humanity is in desperate need of aid and the only way to contact the forces of good is through the use of the Charred Council. Each member of the council is tasked with taking over a location on Earth to bring the humans to their side and assist them in the war against the forces of the Apocalypse.

Before the new game is released, this is a list of all the human locations in Darksiders 3 on 20th of November 2018.

Here is a list of all the human locations in Darksiders III, in order of their location on Earth. Each location is also accompanied by a picture of the location.

In this guide, you will learn how to get and find the 20 different people you can find in the game. Some may be difficult to find, but if you succeed, you will be rewarded with a trophy of humanity.



As you continue your journey through the demon-populated streets, you will encounter the merchant again.
This time he is standing next to several cars. If you drive past it and stay on lower ground, you will come across an open pit next to the car, the person is underneath.


As you walk through the subway station, you come across a shopkeeper standing next to the tracks.
However, once you have passed it, stay on the same path and take the first right turn, which leads to the footbridge.
Stop at this spider web and turn around, there should be a small path to the right of the one you just came down. Follow this path and it will lead to a well, crawl under it to find the man.


If you continue to walk in an egg-infested area, move to higher ground and stay there if possible. At the end you will find an area with 4 statues side by side, none of which are erected.
The path on which the statues stand leads to a dead end, or so it seems. But if you look up, you’ll see more statues and a ledge to jump on. Jump on the same ledge to find the next person.


If you continue your journey through the cave, you will meet the merchant again.
This time he is standing next to a small ladder and a hole in the wall. Go up the stairs to get to the person.


If you continue your journey via the Enfin metro station, you will pass by the
shopping centre and you will see a staircase that you should not miss, as you will have to climb it to continue your journey. However, if you ignore these stairs and go in the opposite direction
, you will encounter two trains that are more or less underground. Climb on one of them to reach the hole, there is a man there.

6) Northern end

If you take a different route, similar to the one at the intersection, you’ll enter a small room with a purple wall, a bug bomb, and several enemies to fight.
Remove the junk and attack the purple food on the ceiling so it falls to the ground, take the beetle out of there and let it eat so it’s ready to explode.
When he is done, quickly leave this small room and turn left to see another purple wall, jump over it to find the next person.

7) Pus Basin

After walking through the demon-infested area, you’ll eventually come to another building, and you can’t miss it, because you have to use the exact same bug to take down the wall, in order to progress in the story.
However, when you get to the purple wall, ignore all the bugs and food and climb up the crates to the small door to see the man.

8) Drowned area

If you swim further in the water and finally reach land, you have to climb up a small ladder.
If you follow the path up, you will eventually find 2 support beams to swing on. Use it and as soon as you land after the second one, quickly turn around and look to your left to see something you can use your redemption weapon on. Do it and use Storm Hollow to do it.

9) A dilapidated highway

Once you’ve moved on and passed the bridge section, you’ll come to a checkpoint, after which you’ll enter a small room with a man you can hardly miss, as the plot leads you to this room anyway.

10) Forgotten Lake

To save this man, you must solve the riddle of the forgotten lake (see my guide for that!) here
Once that is done, continue up the path, you will eventually hear him and find him just over the wall, jump on it and save him!

11) Sunken footprints

You’ll find it at the merchant’s, right in front of the wolf boss. To find this man, however, you must first meet and defeat the wolverine.
You can then return to the merchant and use your new skill to climb the ice wall and find the man in the small room blocked by some breakable objects.

12) Crossing

You can find it near metal objects and anywhere a strong opponent is waiting for you. To find them, just hit the purple wall.

13) Scar

Next to the spinning wheel puzzle you’ll find a small bridge with an ice wall which you can climb. You will also encounter two crab-like ogres and a human.

14) Scar

As you travel through Scar, you will come across platforms that you can climb on. The second one also leads you to some kind of machine with sharp spikes that you can freeze in, do that and jump down to find this machine!
(He stands beside the Chosen One)

15) Northern end

Walk from the vendor further down the street until you reach the abandoned yellow taxi and the end of the street. Go down and enter the tunnel, the man is there.

16) Forge

Start at the wooden stairs and follow the path, don’t forget to burn the cobwebs at the end. Continue, pass the other tree and follow it to the building. From there, keep moving forward and up, the room will eventually open and you’ll have to climb higher. keep climbing and follow the path to reach this place!

17) Forge

From the vendor, follow the path down next to him and turn to the next building. From here, follow and jump to the next building, continue to the right and you will come to what appears to be a dead end. But if you take the Storm form, you can fly the mini-tornado to another building. From here, turn left and continue up and around.

18) Sunken cave

Go to the right of the merchant, stay right and use the purple form to break through the purple wall, from here switch to the fire form, jump on the ledge and climb through the hole.
From there, stay right and go down into the opening in the wall next to the split. Keep right and follow the path over the small ledge.

19) Cargo ship

Go from the merchant to the right to the place where you fought with the octopus boss. Use the Storm shape in the boxes to get to the other side.
Go left and cross the purple wall. Go through the passage to a rather large purple pillar. In this mini puzzle game, you must crush this column to move it and jump to the top of the rail.
When the ogre transporter hits the rails, it flies away and falls to the ground. Keep tilting the van along the road so you can climb up to the structure. The man is there, on the side of the road.

20) Sunken footprints

From the merchant, go down the stairs and use the gel form to climb the wall. Change your form to purple, jump onto a pole and quickly cling to the purple wall. Follow him down the stairs, destroy the purple wall to find the next person.




This guide will be updated as the locations are listed for Darksiders 3. The prequel Darksiders 1 & 2 had 21 locations total. If you would like to see where you can find the Dark Siders, then you will find it in this post (right after the excerpts).. Read more about darksiders 3 wicked adamantine and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does it take to rescue in Darksiders 3?

There are four people in the Darksiders 3 rescue team.

Where are all the humans in Darksiders 3?

There are no humans in Darksiders 3.

How many humans are there in Darksiders 3?

There are four playable characters in Darksiders 3.