The following guide is intended to help you solve the bridge puzzle found in Darksiders III (3) : The Hollows DLC, which is a puzzle that can be accessed in the Fridge. That’s all it is intended to do, actually. I do not intend to break the game, nor do I intend to spoil it. I will not be adding any spoilers, either, and will not be using any guides that do such a thing. Some of the events in the video are out of order, but they make sense as they go.

Darksiders III (3) is the third installment of the popular and critically acclaimed Darksiders video game series. The game is a continuation of the story, following the exploits of the protagonist, the Horseman Death, in his fight against the forces of the Apocalypse, led by an evil force called The Corruption. The game takes place in a fantastical, apocalyptic yet beautiful world, similar to that of the previous games, but with several new features and improvements.

Darksiders III: The Hollows – Bridge Puzzle Guide – Book 1. After the events of Darksiders III, the Tower of Salvation has fallen, and the Four Horsemen’s influence has spread to the furthest reaches of the land, with the Hollows being unable to escape their corrupting grasp. With the Hollows in the possession of the Four Horsemen, the Horsemen’s influence over the world is inevitable. This is the story of the three heroes who have been charged with reversing the diabolical influence of the Horsemen. Join War, Death, and Fury as they travel to the Lands of the Hollows in search of the ruins of the Tower of Salvation.


When you are in the Hollow, you will come across a bridge that is blocked by something.
The solution to this problem is very simple. Did you notice that there is a small platform in front of the huge statue holding the sword? You have to jump on it and jump off again while hitting the spider web above this statue. The other, smaller sword then changes color, and we must change the other, smaller sword as well.
From here, quickly turn around and go right on the other side of the area and quickly hit the small sword to change the color, the bridge should now be activated.





If you liked The Bridge of Korshal and The Bridge of Korshal 5, you’re going to love this one!  This guide covers the puzzles found in the game and how to solve them.  However, their solutions are not instant, and will not be found simply by looking for them.  The solution to each puzzle can only be found by solving it.. Read more about darksiders 3 hollow forms and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solve the bridge puzzle in Darksiders 3?

The bridge puzzle in Darksiders 3 is solved by using the grappling hook to pull the bridge down.

How do I get out of the hollows in Darksiders 3?

You can use the grappling hook to get out of the hollows.

How do you blister a bridge?

A bridge can be blistered by a number of different methods. One way is to heat the bridge with a torch, then quickly cool it with water. Another way is to use a blowtorch or other high-temperature tool to burn the surface of the bridge.