DC Universe Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on DC Comics characters. The game is set in an alternate universe where a group of heroes found the remains of a planet and used it to form the basis of an online planet in which users can fight as heroes from the DC Universe.

DC Universe Online Powers Guide: How to Choose the Best Power | Basically, to choose the best powers for a character in DC Universe Online, you need to note a few things. There are different powers in DCUO and you need to pick the one that are very useful for your character. You also need to think about your experience and the time you spent playing in DCUO.

DC Universe Online DC Universe Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by DayBreak Game Company and is currently offered exclusively on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One consoles. The game is set in the shared world of the DC Comics universe and allows players to take on the roles of DC Comics superheroes. The game utilizes a hybrid battle system and features both cooperative and competitive modes, along with an extensive social system.

For all DC Universe Online gamers, choose your power is a huge deal. This is the point at which you must decide on your route to success. There are a total of 15 abilities to select from, but each one will basically give you with the tools you need to play one of the three main roles found in all MMOs.

These positions are described as tank, controller, and healer in the DC Universe Online universe. If you all want to succeed, you’ll need at least one of each of these positions in your group.

In DC Universe Online, How Do I Choose a Tank Power?

You have a few choices in DC Universe Online if you wish to play a tank. Fire, Ice, Earth, Rage, and Atomic are the greatest abilities for tank characters. If you select one of these abilities, you’ll be off to a fantastic start.


It’s difficult to top the firepower if you want to inflict significant damage while still tanking for your squad. You may use this power to punish your opponents with powerful techniques like Immolation and Ignition.


You may reach incredible levels of sustainability with the ice power, but you will still be able to do considerable damage. Give the ice power a go if cryogenics is more your thing.


This is a one-of-a-kind ability. You may take advantage of the terrain by unleashing some powerful AoE strikes that shake the ground under your feet. You may also use this ability to call strong creatures to your side.


The fury power is the way to go if you want to pull aggro away from your teammates and keep all attention on yourself. In addition to everything else, you’ll be able to do a ton of single-target damage.


Whether you want to do AoE or single target damage, this ability may help. The atomic power has you covered for all of your damage-dealing requirements.

In DC Universe Online, how do you choose a controller power?


The control position is a fresh take on the traditional MMO support function. You will be able to utilize your skills to dominate the battlefield with this class. You may, however, use strong boosts to help your friends. If you think this is the position for you, you may pick from five powerful abilities.


It’s all about subduing your opponents with this ability. This power is for you if you want to learn how to use massive quantities of crowd control.


The gadget’s strength enables you to confuse your opponents while also emphasizing the need of setting traps to ambush your foes.


The light power is for support players who wish to inflict harm as frequently as they assist their friends. You may use this ability to put your tanks in the front lines and punish your opponents with deadly assaults.


Similar to mental power, quantum power is excellent for any player who wishes to enhance their crowd management skills. However, since you can teleport away from your enemies, this ability gives you an amazing amount of mobility.


You’ll be able to use a vast armory of damage-dealing explosives and weaponry thanks to the munitions power. This ability is excellent for anytime you want to inflict some damage and has a denounced touch to assist skills.

In DC Universe Online, how do you choose a healer power?


This is the standard support position in MMOs. Your goal as a healer is to keep your squad alive by using healing abilities and game-changing boosts. If you wish to be a healer, though, you may pick from five distinct abilities.


As you utilize the lands around you to heal yourself and your friends, the nature power will enable you to transform into powerful creatures. A player with natural abilities may both assist their squad and tank when the need arises with a dash of sustainability.


You may use this ability to summon, buff, and attack all at the same time. Whatever the circumstance necessitates, your magical power will guarantee that you can help your squad. In the end, this is a very well-rounded healing ability.


This ability enables you to heal your friends while also inflicting harm on your enemies. As a result, this ability is ideal for any player who wishes to heal their friends while still doing damage on the battlefield.


It’s difficult to top the heavenly power when it comes to giving boosts to your friends and debuffs to your foes. This ability is all about controlling fights by influencing both friends and foes.


Water power may be used in a variety of ways. This ability offers some powerful AoE strikes if you want to do damage. When you utilize the ability to heal your foes, though, it really shines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which power should I choose in DC Universe Online?

You should choose the power that suits your playstyle, but if you want to be a tank then you should go with the strength power.

Whats the strongest power in DC Universe?

The strongest power in DC Universe is the power of Superman.

Is mental a good power in DCUO?

Mental is a good power in DCUO.

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