You’ve got to admire the show’s willingness to take risks, even when they come back to bite them in the ass. The recent episode of Doctor Who titled “The Edge Of Time” was a convoluted, confusing mess that never truly explained where the Doctor was heading, other than the obvious—if you’ve ever seen an episode of the show, you already know the destination. “The Edge Of Time” also introduced a new Doctor Who character named Strax, a man with a vicious mechanical right arm. After a few moments of confusion as to Strax’s purpose, we were introduced to a one-armed cat, who looks like a cross between a Siamese and a house cat.

Doctor Who is a television series based on a long-running British science fiction television show (made by BBC) and is a science fiction television series that tells the story of the Doctor, a time-travelling alien who supposedly will save us all. The Doctor is a very famous character and the one who does the weird and dangerous things. Doctor Who is a very popular show in United Kingdom with many fans. Doctor Who has been on air for a long time but the latest series on TV is called “Doctor Who”. The latest series is called “Doctor Who : The Edge Of Time – It’s Just An Empty Cave (Trophy Achievement) Guide”.


Doctor Who – The Edge of Time has many trophies and achievements that you can unlock, including It’s Just an Empty Cave. To do this, you have to explore a certain part of the caves during a mission or just enter them.


As you explore the dark and scary caves, you’ll soon find a small barrel rolling across the screen. Remember this and especially where it came from.

It is important to remember where the barrel came from, because if you go to this particular place, you will find a small path that leads to a dead end and strange symbols on the walls. You have to be here to get the trophy!
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