Last night, I went ahead and put in another two hours of work on the reports I wrote yesterday for FFVII Remake. After a quick comparison of the combat mechanics of FFVII and FFIX, and some discussions about the game’s various features, I decided I needed to get the next part of my current report up: the Battle Intel Report.

So far, we have made the following discoveries: 1) The area around Midgar is densely populated, and 2) the train system is set up for moving large amounts of people quickly from point A to point B. The world of Final Fantasy VII is one that is built to move large amounts of people quickly from point A to point B.

The story of Final Fantasy VII is one that has been well documented. The original game had been released in 1997, followed by several sequels that built on the story and the world of the game without ever actually touching the source material. Now, fifteen years later, the remake has hit the market and changed the world of Final Fantasy in ways that have been unthinkable up until this point.

Another straightforward Battle Intel Side Quest, with the exception that this time you must utilise special skills on staggered opponents and charge the ATB gauge.

This will, once again, teach you what you should already know utilising Materia that you should already have.

SIDE Report 3 – The Stagger Effect Pt1 (QUESTION NAME)

GIVER OF THE QUESTION: Chadley COMPLETE REPORTS 1-2 CHAPTER: ACTIVATED REWARD: Materia of the First Strike REQUIREMENT: Charge the ATB gauge 10 times by using unique skills against staggered opponents.



Because I didn’t completely comprehend the ATB gauge charging process for the video, I found Barret to be more helpful.

Once a fiend was on the verge of getting staggered, I would immediately switch to Barret and press the attack option until the adversary was truly staggered, after which I would utilise Barret’s Overcharge ability, which always seemed to succeed.

However, after playing this game for many hours, I finally understand precisely how it is supposed to operate.

You may either utilise the Barret method I described earlier to charge the ATB or equip a character with the ATB Boost Materia, which is a Report 4 prize, so it’s probably better to do that one first.

Then equip that Materia and charge your ATB immediately with the L1 and R1 (PS4) buttons.

As for the unique abilities requirement, once a foe has been staggered you can use moves such as Barret’s Overcharge and Tifa’s Whirling Uppercut (basically their Triangle abilities)

So this video may not show the best method of ATB boosting, it does however show you how to take on an enemy with a unique ability.

The Battle Intel side quest is a series of side quests that you can unlock in the original Final Fantasy VII game as you progress through the game. The first battle in the series, called Stagger, is a fight against a S-ranked Sephiroth clone named “Tooka” (this battle is a homage to the original battle in which you must defeat a Sephiroth clone).. Read more about ff7 remake chadley guide and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the stagger effect Part 3?

The stagger effect Part 3 is completed by having the first person in the group fall to their knees and then have the second person in the group fall to their knees.

How do you beat the battle of Intel 3?

The battle of Intel 3 is a battle that can be won by any player.

How do you get 200% stagger bonus?

You get 200% stagger bonus when you have a weapon with the “Staggering” attribute.