In this guide you will learn how to defeat the fight against Sephiroth in the game Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy VII Remake- Rude (FF7R). FFVII Remake is an upcoming remake of the 1997 Final Fantasy VII, developed by Square Enix and Tose and directed by Tetsuya Nomura.

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The first entry of Final Fantasy VII Remake gives players a decent amount of cinematic scenes, with each battle serving as a mini cutscene. The fight against the “Rude” enemy is particularly memorable, as players are thrown into a battle without any prior knowledge.

Because they both work for the Shinra General Affairs Division, Rude is often seen alongside Reno. Rude, on the other hand, likes to fight with his fists and is a lot stronger person than Reno.

BRAND NAME: Rude CHAPTER: Budding Bodyguard (Chapter 8)




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STEALABLE RARE DROPS INGREDIENTS: Mega Potion Rude is one of my favourite characters in the Final Fantasy VII world, so having to write a guide on how to beat him hurts, but it would be a disgrace to make a guide on every other boss and leave him out as well. Oh ok, huh..

As previously said, Rude is vulnerable to everything and anything wind-related, thus if you have Aero equipped, un-equip it and let Rude beat you MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, make sure it’s set up and ready to go! *sigh* Okay, I’m going to quit now >:

I personally found Rude to be rather tough during my first fight against him as he enjoys grabbing my party members a lot and giving them a tight squeeze, which I personally didn’t mind but same cannot be said for poor Cloud and Aerith.

Sweet Dreams is one of Rude’s abilities to be aware of, since it will put one of your party members to sleep for a short period of time.

Rude fights similarly to Tifa in that he relies only on fists and legwork (oh my) to get the job done.

When Rude has suffered enough damage, a little scenario will play out before he uses his Shockwave ability, which involves punching the ground and causing a minor earth quake.

Seize is another technique to be aware of, as he will try to seize one of your party members and swing them around and into your other party member, inflicting damage to both .

Another of his abilities is Spirit Geyser, in which he will conjure an explosion from the earth, flinging your team into the air and inflicting damage in the process.

Though he has some excellent attacks and abilities, I would suggest utilising Wind abilities like as Aero and Parry to counter him (Punisher Mode)

Final Fantasy VII’s Rufus is one of, if not the most, tricky boss fight in the game. Not only does he not have a distinct appearance, but he also has many different versions of the same attacks. By the time you meet him, you’ve either faced the Rufus that you’re used to, Rufus version 1.0, or Rufus version 1.1, and you then fight the Rufus version 2.0.. Read more about reno weakness ff7 remake and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat rude in Final Fantasy 7 remake?

You can’t.

What chapter do you fight rude?

Chapter 3

What is the hardest boss in ff7 remake?

The hardest boss in FF7 Remake is the final boss.