I’ve recently developed a semi-serious interest in card games. I used to play a few years ago, but I’ve really fallen into the rhythm of this game. I’m currently working on the CC Group side quest, and I’ve decided to start up this blog as a record of my journey through the card game.

The Card Group (Side Quest) Guide is a guide to the Card Group Side Quest in Final Fantasy VIII , containing information that will benefit players who are interested in completing the quest, including a list of items and people to talk to. The guide is divided into four categories, each containing a list of items and people to talk to.

The side quest of Final Fantasy VIII is one of the longest side quests in Final Fantasy history. To complete it, the player must complete a number of other side quests first. This guide will focus on the one of the most time consuming, and most difficult, of these side quests.

The (CC) Card Group is made up of a variety of NPCs that are all experts in Triple Triad. They also have extremely unique cards that can only be obtained after you defeat them.

They must meet certain requirements in order to spawn, and they must also appear in a certain sequence. So, before you begin, make sure you have a nice stack of cards .

Here’s how to start the side quest, as well as who to play with, where they’re situated, and in what order they’re accessible.


IN THE AREA OF THE 1F ELEVATOR HOW TO TRIGGER: Defeat anybody in 15 Triple Triad bouts.


The Balamb Garden Training Area is located in the city of Balamb.

HOW TO TRIGGER: You must defeat Jack.

Leviathan is a SPECIAL CARD

. MEMBER OF THE CLUB 1F Balamb Garden, 1F Balamb Garden , 1F Balamb Garden, 1F Balamb Garden TRIGGERING: Defeat Joker MEMBER: Diamond SPECIAL CARD: N/A

LOCATION: They seem to be in a relationship (Same location as Jack)



TRIGGERING: Defeat Diamond. The whole Fisherman Horizon (FH) tale may be found here.


LOCATIONS: 3F Balamb Garden , 3F Balamb Garden, 3F Balamb Garden, 3 TRIGGERING: Defeat Spade CARD SPECIAL: Carbuncle LOCATION: Dormitory MEMBER: King (Quistis)

MEMBER: King (Quistis) MEMBER: King (Quistis) MEMBER: King HOW TO TRIGGER: Keep your heart beating. Dormitory is where you will be sleeping.

Gilgamesh is a special card.

They’ll arrive o when you’ve defeaedm all. Thenow be ingthatAfter defeating each one, they will then appear in Disc 3 aboard the Ragnarok. At this point they should hold any remaining cards in which you may be missing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a group CC quest?

To start a group CC quest, you must first create a group. Then, you can invite other players to the group and start the quest.

How do you challenge a CC Group in FF8?

You can challenge a CC Group in FF8 by using the “Challenge” command.

How do you get the Gilgamesh card in FF8?

The Gilgamesh card is obtained by defeating Gilgamesh in the final battle.