This guide will explain how you can get the Lionheart Gunblade from the first disc of Final Fantasy VIII, as early as possible. The best path is to play as Squall, and battle the enemies on disc one.

With FF8’s release date approaching, many fans have wanted to obtain the game’s first disc’s Lionheart Gunblade weapon. In order to do so, they must play through the game’s first disc, and level up to at least level 20. Unfortunately, according to Square Enix’s instructions, this is the only way to obtain the Lionheart Gunblade. Many fans have therefore been looking for alternative methods to obtain the Lionheart Gunblade, as the first disc’s method is extremely difficult.

This is a guide which will show the way to get the Lionheart Gunblade in Disc 1 of Final Fantasy VIII. It has been found that this sword can be obtained by the following methods(there are still other methods which didn’t work so far):

You may build a variety of distinct and unique weapons in Final Fantasy VIII, one of which being the Lionheart, Squall’s finest and strongest weapon.

You may now construct the Lionheart from as early as disc 1 because to the ability of specific Summons and Cards. However, since Squall will almost certainly become a powerhouse after doing this , this may be considered a cheat or exploit.

To acquire the Lionheart early, there will be a lot of Triple Triad and combat, so be careful! Also, remember to save while you’re doing this; you’ve been warned!

ITEM REQUIRE MENTS FOR LIONHEART: 1 Adamantine 4 Dragon Fang 12 Pulse Ammo ​

To begin this ‘Lionheart quest,’ you must first acquire the ability to play Triple Triad, which may be done at any time throughout the game. Simply approach the man standing by the elevator on 2F, and he will hand you a deck of cards to begin with. After you’ve obtained the cards, go to 1F and play Triple Triad against the kid in blue who is often rushing about; he has the MiniMog card, which you’ll need to enhance your deck.

After receiving the MiniMog card, go to the Cafeteria, where two men will be seated at a table in the rear, fantasising about Quistis. Next, put them to the test. They should have the Quistis Card, which you’ll need to bolster your deck once again. Remember, if you lose, just restart the game, which is why I advised you to SAVE!!!

You should next go to the Infirmary and confront Doctor Kadawaki; she possesses Elnoyle cards, and you’ll need 20 of them, so some farming may be needed.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all of those Elnoyle cards, we should be able to refine 10 Pulse Ammo, which is required to create the Lionheart, so no, the Elnoyle card grind can’t be avoided.

OPTION 1 – Keep your party’s average level around 19, so you don’t have to worry about level grinding when you get to the region following the first dream world. Fight Baby Grendels in the surrounding woods (near Galbadia Garden). There should be a 69 percent probability of them dropping Dragon Fangs if you keep the level average as I said.

OPTION 2: In the Balamb Training Centre, farm T-Rexaurs. Dragon Fangs are required. Only level 20-29 T-Rexaurs drop the se, and only 19% of the time.

Regardless of the technique you used, we should now have the necessary Dragon Fangs. The next step is to raise Ifrit and Quezacotl’s levels so that they can study Ammo-RF and CardMOD, which are required for refining the goods and cards we just farmed for.

If they already know them, that’s great!

Now you must use CardMOD to refine the Elnoyle cards in order to get the two Energy Crystals; sure, it was a long process, but you are on the correct track. After that, you must refine the Energy Crystals to create 20 Pulse Ammo.

We should now have 4 Dragon Fangs and 20 Pulse Ammo, with just the Adamantine remaining.

OPTION FOR GRENDELS: Continue the narrative until you reach the Tomb of the Unknown King if you selected the Grendel option above (Feel free to level grind now, if you want)

T-REX OPTION: If you choose this option, go to the beach south of Dollet and look for an Adamantoise there.

We just need one Adamantine from the Adamantoise. Thus, if you choose the T-Rex choice, you will get the Lionheart slightly faster than if you choose the other option; nevertheless, the enemies are very strong, making this the more challenging of the two options.


If you choose this option, continue the narrative until you reach the Tomb. The Brothers Summon must be defeated. The tomb is quite straightforward, but if you need help navigating, here is a video.

You should now be able to refine the Minotaur Card, which will provide you with the necessary quantity of Adamantine , after fighting the Brothers.

CONCLUSION FOR BOTH OPTIONS Now it doesn’t matter which choice you choose since you’ll need to go to Deling City and the Weapon Shop, where you’ll finally be able to craft the Lionheart Gunblade, congratulations!

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With all the FAQs on the internet about how to get the Gunblade early, I wanted to try and make it easier for you.. Read more about how to get lionheart ff8 disc 1 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the first Lionheart disc?

The first Lionheart disc is available for purchase on the official website.

How soon can you get Lionheart in ff8?

Lionheart is not available in FF8.

How do you get the Lionheart in Final Fantasy 8?

The Lionheart is a weapon that can be found in the final dungeon of Final Fantasy 8.