This is a guide that I have written to help newer players get better at Gil farming. It will take a look at what I believe are the best strategies for earning Gil and then taking those pieces of gear to your level 50 characters.

With the release of the Gil for Shadowbringers, it has been necessary to re-purpose old guides that were posted on the forums when the game first came out. I have personally tried to update this guide with information gathered since then to support new players and current veteran players alike. I hope this guide helps.

Gil is an extremely important resource in FFXIV for new players and returning players alike. I have been playing FFXIV since the original 2.0 release, and have played every major expansion since then. In FFXIV Shadowbringers, Gil is used for all jobs in the game. When you are new to FFXIV, you will have trouble earning any Gil. You will spend most of your time at the lower levels as you learn how to play the game. For this reason, it is important to have an objective way to calculate how much of an item you can afford to purchase. At the high levels, players can get over 95% of their Gil from selling items, but in the beginning, you will need to spend

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Shadowbringers, the next addition for Final Fantasy XIV, is currently live and brings a slew of new concepts to the table. Having said that, one thing has been constant.

Gil is still as important to players as it has always been. There are many various methods to earn money, whether it’s Eureka instance farming, treasure hunts, or enterprises. To that end, here’s a rundown of the best methods to earn money in Final Fantasy XIV.


Eureka is a very profitable instance that dozens upon dozens of FFXIV players take advantage of on a regular basis. And they have excellent cause to do so.

Once you’ve finished the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” from Rhalgr’s Reach via Galiena, you’ll be able to enter the Forbidden Land, Eureka.

This place will not be accessible via the Duty Finder. Instead, talk with Rodney. After that, create a party with other players from inside the game. Complete the tasks you’re given upon entering the game to be ready for the instance “raids.”

The goal is to collect Anemos lockboxes as well as Cracked Clusters. These lockboxes will be filled with very lucrative goods that you may sell on the open market.

Treasure Hunting Maps


If you want to speak about Gil farming, you’ll have to talk about treasure maps first. Treasure maps, as the name implies, may take you to very profitable Gil farming treasure hunts.

If you’ve mastered the Discipline of the Land, you’ll probably come across a few treasure maps of your own on your travels. However, if you run out, you may get some from the Market Board.

If you want to farm, you should always join a map party. These exchanges may be difficult, and joining an experienced group can substantially decrease the amount of time it takes to complete the task. Finally, you’ll be dispatched on a treasure quest to fight a formidable monster in order to get access to a secret cache of rich goods.


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Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land are the best ways to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Let’s start with how being a student of the hand may help you become Gil.

Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Alchemist, and Culinarian are the most lucrative crafting classes. Each of these classes has the benefit of being able to sell highly sought after gear, furnishings, consumables, and other items. Most players will not devote the time necessary to fully develop their Disciples of the Hand classes, making this a lucrative market for savvy crafters willing to put in the effort.

Many gamers are unwilling to put out the work required to manufacture simple goods that they need on a daily basis. As a result, even ordinary handmade goods are often in high demand at the Market Board. If you need Gil quickly, this is a simple way to earn money. That said, the greater your crafting level, the more Gil you’ll be able to earn.


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The Disciples of the Land and the Disciples of the Hand go hand in hand. In Final Fantasy XIV, there is a gatherer for every crafter. To that end, if you are willing to collect resources to sell to enthusiastic craftsmen, you may make a lot of money.

Many craftsmen are unwilling to spend the time gathering their own supplies. As a result, even simple commodities may be sold for fast Gil on the Market Board. The greater your degree of collecting, the more Gil you’ll be able to earn.

Botany, Fishing, and Mining are all Disciplines of the Land that may be used for profit. Even if you want to earn Gil via crafting, it is recommended that you spend some time leveling your Disciples of the Land classes to prevent having to pay for your own supplies.

Consider spending the majority of your time leveling your mining if you want to concentrate your time and efforts on collecting for profit. Minerals such as elemental shards, clusters, and crystals may all be mined for a profit.



If crafting and collecting aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of Gil to be had by playing Roulettes. Joining dungeon roulettes will get you between 5,000 and 9,000 Gil, while trial roulettes will net you up to 10,000 Gil. Taking advantage of the “Adventurer in Need” perk is the greatest method to maximize your earnings from these events. A tank or a healer will be the most often requested positions for Adventurer in Need. As a result, you’ll want to start concentrating your build on one of those specializations.

You must first finish your level 10 main narrative missions before you can start performing these roulettes. This will allow you to access the Duty Finder. The Duty Finder may then be accessed by returning to the main menu and scrolling down to the duty tab.

To see your unlocked roulettes, choose the Duty Finder and then click the blue square with the question mark within. After that, you may choose your favorite roulette game and start earning Gil and gaining experience.



Taking advantage of initiatives is a fantastic method to increase your earnings on the side, regardless of whatever main type of Gil farming you choose to pursue. You may have your retainer perform these minor tasks for you, enabling you to reap some substantial benefits at virtually no cost in terms of time or energy.

You must finish a level 17 main quest given by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in order to access retainer ventures. After then, you must specify your retainer’s class and equipment. Your retainer will earn experience and level up as they accomplish excursions. As a result, this is a kind of Gil farming that will grow more lucrative with time.

Next, go to a nearby summoning bell and summon your servant. The option to “Assign Venture” for your retainer will then appear. However, sending your retainer to one of the projects costs “venture” money. You will need to accomplish tribal quests, levemetes, and trading company seals in order to acquire this money.

Your retainer will return with some high-quality goods that you may sell for Gil on the Market Board once you complete a venture. It’s worth noting that you may send several retainers to different enterprises at the same time. Make the most of this feature to increase your earnings.

Log of Challenges

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You may still want to make some additional money after you’ve figured out your preferred Gil farming technique and started using ventures in your free time. The challenge log is intended to help you out in such situations.

The challenge log is a weekly set of goals that you may work on for Gil and experience. Taking on a single challenge will get you about 1,000 Gil. However, finishing each week’s log will get you about 15,000 Gil.

To get access to the challenge log, you must first finish the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks level 15 quest “Rising to the Challenge.” Return to the main menu and choose the Logs tab from the drop-down menu. You will now have access to the Challenge Log.

Gil is a consumable used to pay for items and abilities in FFXIV. In order to obtain Gil, players must first go out into the field to farm. This will give them the chance to obtain items and abilities without having to spend money. While there are many players who enjoy the freedom of farming, some find it boring and tedious.. Read more about ffxiv making gil 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Gil in 2021?

I am not sure, but I think you would have to buy a game called Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

What is the fastest way to get Gil in Final Fantasy 14?

The fastest way to get Gil in Final Fantasy 14 is to kill a level 50 monster.

What should I farm for Gil Ffxiv?

Gil is a currency in Final Fantasy XIV. You can farm it by doing any of the following things: -Farming mobs for drops -Crafting items -Hunting monsters

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