When I first started playing Overwatch, I was having issues running the game. I couldn’t seem to hit FPS and I couldn’t figure out why. This was because my computer hardware was working just fine, just that my video drivers were acting up. My laptop was actually getting better performance than my desktop, but I didn’t know it.

This is another one of those problems that all gamers encounter at some point, but which is often more annoying than devastating. As you play more and more, you find that your game begins to slow down, and sometimes crashes completely, but then…

In the past, I have been proud to be a proud Engineer. Recently, I have been hearing from a number of my friends in the Overwatch Community that they are having problems with Overwatch. This is a very concerning issue for me, since a lot of the information I have been getting from users is that many of them are unable to play Overwatch at all because of issues with their computer, and their only choice is to go into a very low graphics setting.

Do you have any issues when playing Overwatch?

It does, in fact, knock you out of the game and display a black screen with the following error message:

“You’ve misplaced your rendering device! “The application period has ended!”

This issue also affects those with high-end graphics cards.

Don’t worry, I’ve discovered a solution to the Overwatch Game’s problem.

And in this article, I’ll show you how to permanently solve the problem.

So, let’s get this party started.

Why Am I Seeing “Your Rendering Device has been Lost” Error on Overwatch

Multiple problems are at blame for this error. Unfortunately, you’ll have to repair all of these if you want to play Overwatch without getting a rendering device issue.

The message “Your Rendering Device has been Lost” is caused by both hardware and software problems.

As a result, be sure to correctly identify your power supply and determine if it is enough for your PC.

I’ve solved this issue two or three times and discovered that the mistake may be caused by a variety of factors.


The following are some of the most common causes of this error:

  1. PSU incompatibility and faulty RAM overclocking
  2. The superfetch service has been disabled.
  3. Background apps take up the majority of CPU/RAM.
  4. Overwatch is being blocked by antivirus software.
  5. Drivers for PC components that aren’t working properly
  6. GPU scaling is disabled (For AMD Graphics cards only)

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The Easiest Way to Recover Overwatch Rendering Device on Windows 10

The following are the procedures to reinstalling the Overwatch rendering device:

Step 1: Double-check your power supply and hardware.

Your PC’s power source may not always provide enough power to run the game properly. Don’t rely only on the power supply’s wattage.

The tier-1 and tier-2 PSU are the finest of these games, according to our separate article on PSU tier ranking.

Check the speed of your RAM as well. This issue may arise if it is not properly overclocked or not overclocked to a certain speed.

This kind of warning may also appear if your computer’s temperature isn’t optimum. As a result, make sure it’s balanced in order to function well.


Allow Superfetch Services in Step 2

The following are the steps to enable Windows’ superfetch services:

1. To launch the Run dialogue box, use the Window key + R.

2. In the Run box, type services.msc and hit Enter.

3. Right-click Suferfetch in the list and choose Properties from the context menu. This service’s status should be checked.

4. Select Automatic as the starting type and press the Start Button.

You can now see whether the game plays smoothly or not.


Pro tip: Also check out our fix for NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error code 0x0001 & 0x0003 (If you encounter the problem then read this fix)

Step 3: Exit All Background Programs

It’s a simple job. To begin, launch Task Manager by right-clicking on the task bar or typing its name into the search box.

The Process Tab will then show you a list of Apps that are currently executing.

You’ll now need to close any applications that are no longer in use, as well as those that are using the majority of your CPU/RAM. By right-clicking on an app and selecting End task, you may end it.

After that, see whether the game still displays the problem.

Step 4: Disallow Overwatch to be scanned by anti-virus software.

Here’s how to keep Overwatch off of your third-party antivirus program’s scans:

1. Launch the antivirus program.

2. Go to Virus & Threat Protection settings.

3. Select Add or delete exclusions from the drop-down menu.

4. Install Discord, save your settings, and restart your computer.

Also, see our separate article on how to remove any program from Avast antivirus.

Remove Faulty Drivers (Step 5)

The most common cause of this issue is a malfunctioning Geforce experience app. You can easily remove and reinstall nvidia drivers from the official website.

This rendering device loss problem in Overwatch may also be caused by steam difficulties.

Overwatch may also be forced to shut due to an application load problem, which is a major annoyance for all users.

To automatically update the broken graphics driver, right-click your graphics card device and choose Update driver.

Step 6: Switch on GPU scaling.

This step is only for those who have an AMD graphics card.

You may wonder:

What is GPU Scaling, and how does it work?

The solution is as follows:

GPU scaling is an AMD Graphics card driver feature that more effectively scales the picture to fit the screen from all sides.

If this function is disabled, users of AMD graphics cards may get a rendering device loss error.

To enable it, open the AMD Radeon Settings application, then go to the Display Tab and toggle the GPU scaling function on by clicking the switch beside it.


Last Thoughts

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is a great multiplayer game.

Despite certain errors, such as the one we mentioned above, this game adds a new depth to the gaming platform.

The solutions in this article are very straightforward, and hopefully they worked for you.

Let us know how the article benefited you, and stay tuned for more.

Overwatch is an extremely popular first-person-shooter that has become one of the most played games on Steam. The game was developed by an indie studio, and is played by millions every day. As is common with games that are so popular, people are constantly discovering bugs and other issues, which Blizzard is always quick to address.. Read more about overwatch 2 and let us know what you think.

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Overwatch is not dead.

Is Overwatch worth it 2021?

Overwatch is worth it.

Is Overwatch free permanent?

Overwatch is a free game, but it does have microtransactions.