This is the second FOTNS Side Quest guide on . The first one took months in the making and has a few pages. We will be making this one shorter, though.  This is a guide for the sub stories that were released for FOTNS: Lost Paradise . If you don’t want to read the sub stories, but still want to know how to get the most out of this game, you can also skip to the end of the guide.

Lost Paradise is the second episode in the current series of the Fist of the North Star videogame, and is the second “side quest” of the game. As always, head to the main area of the game to beat the bad guys and complete the main storyline. But then, stay around for a few days and go on a “side quest” to see what happens next.

Grab your copy of Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, a light-hearted RPG based on the popular manga series. In it, you get to take control of Jinky, a young man intent on joining his father’s gang. In the course of your quest, you’ll need to take on some of the most well-known characters in the series, and with this guide you’ll know the best ways to take them down.

Head to the Job Board in the Barracks. Select the highest paying Bounty (the smaller ones are just for cash). Apparently a man is terrorizing Rob’s Bar. First off before going any further with this one, make sure to head into your Hideout and change the day so that it is ‘Night’, as the Bar is closed during the day. Now head to the Bar which is located near the Casino. Inside the Bar speak to the Bartender (fighting off a potential thug before hand, who may or may not be there). After speaking to the Bartender low and behold the Bounty appears, take care of them! 


CHAPTER REQUIRED: 6 ACTIVATED AFTER: Complete Sub Story 69 – Zild’s Revenge


The Hoodlum Hunter is a tough guy who gets the help of a young boy named Jiro to fight against death. This side quest has a lot of interesting and terrible monsters. You will meet them all.. Read more about fist of the north star: lost paradise substories guide and let us know what you think.