The Gelid Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of PC cooling solutions, launches its new Stella Frost case fan.

The gelid stella frost is a case fan that can be used in both PC and console gaming. It is designed to be quiet, low-noise, and efficient.

7 MAY 2021, HONG KONG– GELID Solutions, a leading technology company, has released a new 120mm case fan with the Icy Frame Assembly and advanced Addressable RGB (ARGB) LED illumination. The GELID Solutions GAMER product range includes the STELLA FROST.


The STELLA FROST is a unique combination of colorful aesthetics and cutting-edge cooling technology. It has 8 hub-mounted ARGB LEDs and 16 frame-mounted ARGB LEDs to light elegant Lighting with two rings and produce stunning RGB effects, which are enhanced by the highly reflecting Icy Assembly and clean all-white frame.

The fan also has a Double Ball Bearing, which improves mechanics and guarantees long-lasting performance. The redesigned impeller has a blade profile that has been tuned to provide better cooling. Furthermore, the STELLA FROST’s precisely built PWM IC avoids any clicking sounds. Furthermore, the clever GELID PWM (Pulse Width Module) operates the fan in a wide speed range of 500 RPM to 1600 RPM, ensuring that the fan remains quiet while accelerating speed when more airflow is required.

Gelid Stella FrostEnlarge the picture by clicking on it.

The STELLA FROST also comes with dual ARGB cabling and a male-plug converter to make connecting additional fans in your system easier. The fan is RoHS and WEEE compliant, and it comes with a three-year guarantee.

“STELLA FROST has been designed with gamers, modders, and RGB aficionados in mind. It helps fine-tune your gaming setup and make it cool and sparkling, thanks to its icy design, stunning RGB lights, and strong mechanics,” stated Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.


  • All-White Color with Icy Frame Assembly
  • ARGB LEDs (24 of them)
  • Dual Ring Lighting
  • RGB Addressable Controls
  • Impeller with improved airflow
  • IC for Noiseless Motor Drive
  • Double Ball Bearing with Extremely Long Life

Availability and Pricing

The STELLA FROST is now available for USD 10.99 or EUR 9.99.


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