Many players have trouble with solving the mystery of the Arcadian ruins, and this is because the clues are not very obvious. There are a total of 4 clues to the mystery, and they are as follows: 1) The Elven city of the Forest of Dreams (The first clue). 2) A scene of a ruined city (The second clue). 3) A magical book (The third clue). 4) The pit of despair (The fourth clue). The first clue is rather obvious on the surface, and is the ruin of an Elven city. The second clue is a scene of a ruined Elven city, and can be found in the Elven city of the Forest of Dreams in the Staduim of Ironwood,

Genshin Impact – Solve The Mystery (Mystery Of The Arcadian Ruins) Side Quest Guide

Genshin Impact – Solve The Mystery (Mystery Of The Arcadian Ruins) Side Quest Guide Introduction In order to help you, I have created a guide for you to help you with the Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins. Please read this guide before attempting to solve the Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins and it will help you complete this quest easier. (Posted in the wrong format, had to correct it)

As is customary in today’s RPG games, Genshin Impact includes a plethora of optional side missions that you may attempt to accomplish.

Solve The Mystery / Mystery Of The Arcadian Ruins is one of these side missions, and it may be found when exploring the Whispering Woods.

It will need the player to rescue an informant as well as solve a mystery involving a valuable sword.

  • Whispering Woods, Whispering Woods, Whispering Woods, Whispering Woods, Whi
  • Story Quest is a kind of game.
  • GIVER OF THE QUEST: Kaeya / Vile
  • Complete Kaeya’s Troubles as a prerequisite.
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  • To begin this quest, talk with Kaeya and finish the ‘Kaeya’s Troubles‘ quest at the Knights of Favonius HQ (which requires a lot of running back and forth between both Kaeya and Cyrus). After finishing that mission, speak with Kaeya again, who will tell you about an informant in Monstadt – Whispering Woods.
  • So, go visit this informant (Vile), and as you there, you’ll see that they’re being attacked. Deal with the Hilichurls first, then talk with Vile for a puzzle.
  • The next step is to solve the puzzle and locate a treasure box. “Three six-armed giants live in the city on the lake,” says our first clue. One guards the wealth, while the other two protect the statue.” The first hint is a series of Windmills.
  • It’s now time to go to Mondstadt (if not already there)
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  • The windmill you’re looking for is in Mondstadt’s southwestern portion.
  • Simply climb to the top of the Windmill. You should be able to see a Treasure Chest up here; open it.
  • You’ll get your next riddle after you’ve unlocked this Treasure Chest. If you’re having trouble getting to the top of the Windmill, utilize a neighboring structure to glide onto it rather than climbing it.
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We’ll want to go visit the Springvale Waterfall after solving the following mystery. “She just does not love him at all,” says the next hint. The flowing emotions through the pure spring are just a facade. Her real heart is exposed when she is cold and alone.”

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  • You’ll want to be around Starfell Valley, slightly to the south (as seen above). If you get stuck and need a clue, just talk with Kaeya in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.
  • While you’re here, you’ll notice a waterfall in front of you; ignore it for now, but it does indicate that we’ve arrived at our destination, which is excellent.
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  • Now go to the left of the Waterfall, into an area brimming with opponents and, more crucially, three pillars.
  • Now that you’ve seen that these pillars all have ice symbols on them, you may utilize Ice Cryo abilities on them. This will bring up a Treasure Chest.
  • You’ll get yet another map puzzle after unlocking the Treasure Chest, oh my, another another one. It’s the last one, thankfully, and it’s already noted on your map. It’ll transport you to Falcon Coast.
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  • From here, follow the beach itself to the left and into a cave. Before moving on to the next section, you need be at least level 10!
  • This dungeon shouldn’t be too tough, but you will encounter the Ruin Guard boss. The quest has come to a conclusion.


  • 3.225 MORA


+ Kaeya claims that his pirate grandpa left behind a valuable sword that was buried in the vanished Arcadian Ruins. To keep it from falling into the wrong hands, you scour the internet for information about the ruins.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solve the mystery of the Arcadian ruins?

The Arcadian ruins are the remains of a city that was destroyed by a volcano.

Is Kaeya a pirate?

Kaeya is a pirate.

Is Kaeya from Khaenri ah?

Kaeya is from Khairi.