I was lucky enough to get this boss fight on my first attempt. For anyone who is interested in seeing how to beat this boss, please go ahead and scroll down to the guide. I highly recommend taking this boss down as soon as possible, because once you pass that bridge, your best bet is to run back to the area where you fought the previous boss. To fight this boss, you’ll want to use a combination of fast sword strikes to dodge his attacks, and get in a few quick attacks to interrupt his combo. Once he starts charging, get in a few quick strikes of your own, and time your dodges to avoid his razor sling blades. Once he starts charging that blade, dodge as it comes down, block, and start

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an excellent game that has a ton of replayability. Once you finish the campaign, you can go back and complete every side quest, collect all the treasures and explore every nook and cranny of the world. Introducing a boss that is only available after finishing the game, however, is a bit of a bummer. That’s where this guide comes in: we’re going to walk you through defeating the end boss, Isshin, the Sword Saint. This boss can be found in the towers in the game world and can be a bit of a challenge to take down.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest Team Ninja game and it is the 3rd title in the series. This time you play as a shinobi and an end boss. Isshin, a guardian spirit, is the end boss of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice .

From Software, the creators of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises, has done it again. This time, the brilliant group of video game creators has devoted their finely tuned talents to creating a game that is really challenging.

The game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was released on March 22nd. The game, developed by From Software, is equally as tough as any Dark Souls title. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short tutorial for anybody having trouble getting through the game’s hardest final fight.

the big picture (Spoiler Warning)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tells the tale of Isshin Ashina, a terrible warlord. The strong warrior leads a coup and takes control of the local territories. The title’s main character Sekiro fights his way to Ashina, aided by the Divine Heir Kuro and a former shinobi turned sculptor.

There are a variety of boss fights throughout the game. In fact, depending on your choices throughout the game, you’ll encounter various final bosses. Isshin the Sword Saint, on the other hand, is one of the game’s hardest final bosses.

Sekiro will return to Ashina to find that Isshin Ashina has died of his sickness if he decides to fight the Divine Dragon at the conclusion of the game and gets a dragon tear from the monster. However, after another fight with Genichiro, Genichiro would sacrifice himself in order to revive Isshin Ashina in his prime.

As a result, Sekiro will face Isshin, the Sword Saint, in a last fight for the ages. If you’ve chosen this tough route to the game’s conclusion, see our advice on defeating the game’s formidable final boss below. This tutorial was based on Fextralife.

Isshin, the Sword Saint, and How to Defeat Him

Isshin, the Sword Saint, is a formidable opponent. Overall, the fight is divided into four distinct stages. You’ll need to master all three components if you want to defeat Ashina’s fiercest warlord.

It’s worth noting, however, that Isshin’s tactics will change depending on your patterns. When battling this fearsome warlord, you must always be on your toes.

Below is a graph of Isshin’s assaults, which was made possible by sekiroshadowsdietwice.wiki.fextralife.com.

Attack Indicator Counter
Sweep the wind twice Isshin will be engulfed by the wind. A horizontal assault will be indicated by the boss’s stance. Make two deflections.
Slash/Bow of Lightning Lighting will appear when you leap into the air. Before landing, jump up and deflect the assault.
Slam of Anti-Healing If you try to heal, you’ll get this. Deflect first, then counterattack.
Slam Isshin is partly obscured by dust. He’ll then jump higher and attack with a strike or a series of strikes. Before rushing backwards, run to the side and ready to block any follow-up strikes.
Sweep Assault A warning will be given, followed by a glimmer orbiting Isshina. Jump up and then stamp your feet.
Sweep the Wind Isshin will be surrounded by wind. His stance will suggest a horizontal assault. Defend yourself against the assault.
Slash of the Wind Isshin will be surrounded by wind. His stance will suggest a vertical assault. To dodge the vertical attack, dash to the side.
Attack with a Thrust A warning will be given, followed by a glimmer on Isshin’s weapon. To counter the assault, use your Mikiri counter.
Feint Unsheath Isshin will hesitate after sheathing his weapon. You will then be alerted with a risk indication. Leap higher and block while descending. Keep an eye out for Isshin’s retaliation.
Attack of the Unsheath A glimmer will emerge on his sword’s hilt once he has sheathed it. Deflect the incoming assault after a brief pause.
Attack with a bow Isshin is about to pull his bow. Dodge backwards after deflecting the arrow.

Phase One

You’ll want to get behind Isshin as soon as possible as you begin your fight with him. Do not, however, approach Isshin. Instead, take a short step back while facing his back.

Isshin begins the battle with a barrage of strong slashes, forcing you to defend yourself. In addition, the monster has the ability to turn around and strike from behind in an instant. It’s for this reason that you’re maintaining your distance.

You may slip in for a rapid flurry of strikes after the sequence. Isshin will, of course, ultimately parry your barrage of blows. Dodging out of the path and retreat as Isshin jumps into the air. When he’s in the air, dodge to the side and sprint backwards.

Isshin will attack after the jump with one of many options. For example, it may be a straight strike or a sweeping assault. Return to the fray after the sequence for another flurry of blows.

If you spend too much time outside of Isshin’s melee range, the monster will try to bludgeon you with a bow strike. If you are hit by an arrow, Isshin will attack you with a barrage of blows. As a result, you’ll want to attempt to stop the bow assault from the beginning.

It will take some experience to judge the appropriate distance to remain out of melee range but close enough to rushing in to disrupt his bow strikes. If he’s having trouble using his bow, he could try using his unsheath attack. Before closing the gap with a dash strike, the monster will sheath his sword.

A short cutscene will appear after delivering a single deathblow to Isshin, signaling the start of phase two.

Phase Two

If you need to heal, the beginning of phase two is a wonderful time to do it. However, after you’ve done so, you’ll want to quickly confront the monster.

Isshin will sometimes put you under a lot of pressure at the start of the phase, so be ready to go on the defense if required. As soon as the monster lifts his blade over his head, run to the side to avoid being hit. However, do not launch a counter-attack right away. After the second swing, Isshin will often administer a second assault, so land a flurry of blows.

The boss’ weapon will gleam with a white light when Isshin performs his sheath strike. Dash to the side at this point. To dodge the follow-up assault, pause for a minute before dashing again. Move in for another rapid flurry of punches after avoiding the assault.

There will be no cutscene to mark the start of the next phase of the battle. Isshin, on the other hand, will start utilizing his spear.

The third phase

Make your way to the center of the map as quickly as possible to prevent sliding off during the next exchange. You will have a short window of opportunity to recover, but you must act quickly.

You’ll want to play less aggressively in the future. Instead of putting pressure on the boss, let Isshin approach you.

Isshin, now armed with his spear, may charge at you. If this occurs, dive under the boss and behind him to escape his wrath. You may then use rapid strikes to punish him.

Otherwise, Isshin may open the fight with a barrage of bullets from his gun. You’ll have to wait patiently to see whatever sequence the boss is following. You can deflect his assault if he tries to shot you.

A three-strike combo that culminates with a thrust assault is a crucial sequence to watch out for. Use a Mikiri counter at the conclusion of the sequence to inflict some severe posture damage.

To improve your posture, remember to hold block in between strikes. Keeping your posture during this period may be difficult. Phase four will begin without notice once another deathblow has been delivered.

Fourth Phase

Isshin will start using his wave strikes on a more frequent basis. Remember to avoid these attacks, but you can deflect them if you’re willing to take some damage.

Isshin will now use lightning attacks that can do a lot of damage. Jump into the air when you see the red kanji warning sign and attack when the lightning hits. Sekiro will then return the lights to Isshin, causing a short stun and significant posture damage.

Shinobi’s firecracker may be used to dispel Isshin’s AoE strikes while also inflicting additional damage on the warlord. You will be given a fight memory and the Dragon Flash talent after beating Isshin.

This guide is written for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Nintendo Switch.. Read more about isshin sword saint phase 2 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat isshin the sword in St Sekiro?

Isshin the Sword is a boss in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. To beat him, you need to use your grappling hook to pull yourself up onto his back and then slash at his neck with your sword.

How do you get the good ending in Sekiro no spoilers?

In Sekiro, there are multiple endings. The good ending is achieved by completing the game with a certain amount of Ki which is used to power up your attacks and abilities in combat.

What is isshin weak to?

Isshin is weak to fire.

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