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“I Am Setsuna – Nidr Side Quest (Rebellion Spritnite – Sacrificial Love) Trophy Achievement Guide”

If you’ve played this game, you should know that the side quest in the final act is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick rundown of the side quest. You have to find a certain item in the world that will let you break the seal over the memory of the sleeping goddess, and then you have to find a person in order to make the item. The person is found in a town known as Fuste, located on the continent of Amare. When you get to Fuste, you have to locate the person who can help you get what you need, which is the rebels, a group of people who are in the dark about what’s going on.

I Am Setsuna has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is Sacrificial Love.

Sacrificial Love requires players to obtain the Rebellion spritnite, which will only happen if you manage to complete Nidr side quest.

The following is a step-by-step approach to achieving this goal.


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Setsuna is a heroine with a lot of scars, and her struggle as a rebel to survive and fight the Empire isn’t pretty, but at least it’s an interesting one. Set during a period of war, the story explores the lives of a tribe of people who live peacefully in the mountains until the arrival of a force of soldiers. They originally come to the village for a trade agreement, but after discovering the tribe’s possession of a forbidden technology (that can destroy the universe), they decide to eliminate the village for stealing that secret.. Read more about i am setsuna coup de grace and let us know what you think.