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Burger Fugitive is a game that’s not very well known in the gaming community, but it is one of the funnest and most well-written games on the Wii U. The game isn’t very long, but it makes up for that with it’s fun gameplay and clever writing.

Over the course of Judgment, you will become a well-respected local hero. You will get married, build a home, have kids, and your family will grow. Your farm will produce enough food to feed your family and sell enough produce to offer services. You’ll find out what it is to be a father. You’ll have trials and tribulations in your relationships with your coworkers as you get older, and some of your relationships will end. Your own father will die (brutally). You’ll lose friends and family… and you’ll lose every single one of them.


This one takes place near Millenium Tower, in front of a large Widescreen. The police are reportedly looking for a fugitive who enjoys burgers. To locate the Fugitive, go to W Showa Street, which is behind Sushi Gin. The Fugitive has many Health Bars and is a formidable opponent, so make sure you’re ready beforehand. Your reward, on the other hand, much outweighs whatever inconvenience you may have created. 


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Boss, Burger Fugitive is ready for you to explore. You’ll be able to return to Burger Town, unlock new Side Quests, and collect all the burgers in Burger Town, though you must help the citizens of Burger Town to avoid being killed by the local villains.. Read more about judgement photo mission and let us know what you think.