Back in July, I posted an article entitled “Judgment : Where’d My Jacket Go?”. This article was a reference to the Tiger Jacket side quest that was available in the original Judgment game back in 2012 in Japan and was added to the North American version as a free DLC update in 2015. The quest involved finding a missing jacket that was lost by the protagonist’s mother.

Judgement – Where’d My Jacket Go? Tiger Jacket (Side Quest) Guide – This is a side quest that is available only in the United States version of the game. It is located in a room on the top of the first tower. You will climb up to this room and then press the button to open the door. After you open the door, you will find yourself in a room with a tiger. In order to progress, you must first press the switch in the center of the room. After you press that switch, you will have to fight a tiger. You must use the switch to “Light” the room and then press the switch to fight the tiger. You must kill the tiger by pressing the switch that is on the opposite

It’s 8:30 pm (when I write this, in fact), and I’m sitting in my apartment, waiting for my girlfriend’s family to leave so we can have a sleepover. I’m thinking about my day, and I’m a little bored, so I turn on the TV to kill some time. While flipping through the channels, I stumble upon a long-running show on the Animal Planet channel, and I can’t help but watch. It’s a show about a man who’s obsessed with a tiger, and loves everything about the tiger, except the obvious.


Yagami Detective Agency is where you’ll find this one. The person you’re looking for is on the top level of Wild Jackson on Tenkaichi Street. He seems to have misplaced his bag and jacket, which included a number of other things. Talk to the Homless men near the Fire in Children’s Park. They’ll ostensibly assist with some Bento. Return to them after purchasing the Bento from the local shop. They allegedly spotted several Thugs who may have taken the Bag and Jacket; these Thugs may be found at the Batting Centre. If you talk to the Thugs twice, you’ll be given the opportunity to have a conversation with them. Choose one of the following options:

1) Concerning the Bag’s Color 2) The Stolen Watch is Worn by a Guy with Blonde Hair (This is not a real discussion) 3) The Owner’s Initials are Carved in the Dial

After that, you’ll battle them and bring the case to a close.


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While I often, and I mean often, travel without my trusty jacket, sometimes I forget to bring it along and end up without it. While I’m not one to go looking for it, I eventually do remember to check my inventory to see where it went, and since those stories are just as funny as the ones where I run around naked, I’ll write them out here for your amusement.. Read more about judgement dating guide and let us know what you think.