Logitech today announced that it is bringing GX Blue switches to the G513 and the all new G512 gaming keyboard. These switches are designed to offer a more linear feel with less force required for keystrokes.

The gx blue clicky is a new switch that Logitech has brought to the G513 and the all-new G512 gaming keyboard. It’s incredibly responsive, but also quiet.

Logitech delivered on its promises. Blue switches are the ones we seek for since many gamers, like myself, and even non-gamers, enjoy the clicky sound that occurs when we push the keys on a keyboard. Blue switches have just been added to Logitech’s two high-end gaming keyboards. One is the G513 gaming keyboard, which was previously available but is now now available in a new mechanical version: the G512 game keyboard.


These aren’t Cherry MX switches; instead, they’re Logitech’s GX Blue switches, which are only available on Logitech keyboards. Both keyboards now have three different choices to select from. Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and GX Blue switches are available. They’re all designed to give you a unique experience. The Romer-G Tactile switch provides immediate feedback, while the Romer-G Linear switch provides smooth keystrokes. The GX Blue will guarantee that you press harder on the keys and will produce a clicky sound.

Logitech G512 gaming keyboard switches

The new G512 keyboard comes with RGB illumination and many choices for personalizing the lighting effects, in addition to these three mechanical switch alternatives. It has Logitech’s proprietary Light-SYNC technology and four customizable illumination zones controlled by the Logitech Gaming Software.

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Logitech G512 gaming keyboard 1

For a sleek and luxurious design, the G513 and G512 keyboards are constructed of anodized and brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum. Furthermore, Logitech has developed its own software for customizing the functioning of these keyboards. G-HUB is the name of the new program, which is still in early access. This program includes all of the same features as Logitech Gaming Software, but Logitech claims it will have a more user-friendly interface. It has been made open to the Logitech community in order to enhance it over time, and it should be ready in July.

The Logitech G512 gaming keyboard is now available for purchase from Logitech’s official website for $99.99 or Rs 9995 (Indian Currency). The Logitech G513 gaming keyboard costs $149.99, however the link to its web page is now broken.



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The logitech g513 is a keyboard that has been released by Logitech. It features GX Blue switches, which are designed to be more responsive and quieter than other switch types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What switches does the Logitech G512 use?

The Logitech G512 uses Cherry MX RGB switches, which are linear.

Can Logitech G512 change switches?

Yes, the G512 can change switches.

Are GX Blue switches good for gaming?

GX Blue switches are a good option for gaming because they have a light touch that is not too sensitive, which makes them great for playing games. However, they are not the best option if you are looking for something with more feedback.

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