AMD has released a BIOS update for their Ryzen 2nd Gen processors. This update fixes some of the issues with the first gen, and is said to improve performance in games by up to 30%.

AMD has released a BIOS update for their Ryzen 2nd Gen processors. The update allows users to overclock the processor and increase performance by up to 30%. Read more in detail here: amd boot kit.

AMD recently revealed their new AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen CPUs, which performed well in benchmark tests when compared to entry-level graphics cards, and the two processors, Ryzen 2400G and Ryzen 2200G, were released two days ago. However, their compatibility with current AM4 socket motherboards with chipsets like as the X370 and B350 was an issue.

In less than two days, virtually every motherboard manufacturer has issued a new bios that includes AMD’s AGESA microcode, allowing the new APUs to operate on current motherboards.


This will guarantee that both APUs on X370, B350, and A320 motherboards that support Ryzen 1st generation CPUs function properly. The two APUs are priced at $169 for Ryzen 5 2400G and $99 for Ryzen 5 2400G, making them extremely competitive with their previous generation CPUs, the Ryzen 1000 series, but with additional features and better performance. Both of these APUs feature an integrated Vega graphics processing unit, allowing players to play casual games in resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p.

The GPU of the Ryzen 5 2400G is especially worth the money because it matches the performance of the GT 1030 and RX 550, which are both excellent budget graphics cards for their price. Given that mid-range graphics cards aren’t available right now, these APUs can make a big difference and allow budget gamers to play without having to buy a dedicated GPU.

Now, it’s nice to see that manufacturers have swiftly issued Bios updates to support these APUs, and you can see a list of motherboards that can be upgraded here.


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AMD has released a BIOS update for the Ryzen 2nd Gen processors. The update comes with new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Reference: amd boot kit ryzen 5000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 2nd Gen Ryzen need BIOS update?

No, the 2nd Gen Ryzen does not need a BIOS update.

Do I have to update BIOS for Ryzen 5000?

The BIOS update is not required for your Ryzen 5 processor.

Do you need to update BIOS for Ryzen 3000?

You dont need to update the BIOS for the Ryzen 3000 CPU.

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