Quests are a big part of Mass Effect 2, and players will be tasked with completing a wide variety of tasks while exploring the various alien worlds and retrieving data for the Citadel Council. This guide will show you how to find and complete all of the assignments in the Tuchanka region.

The former “Tuchanka” is now “Omega”, the “second” DLC pack for Mass Effect 2. As you’d expect, it adds a bunch of new missions and quests to the game, but that’s not all. It also comes with a new alien environment, with all new encounters and enemies.

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(ME2) Mass Effect 2 includes a number of optional side missions or Assignments that you may perform, some of which will only open once certain criteria are met.

The following is a step-by-step approach to completing all of the TuchankaAssignments.



Blood from the Past: 

  • Kelly Chambers is the QUEST GIVER.
  • INFO: Missing Scout: The Krogan scout may be found during Mordin’s loyalty quest. After the events on Horizon, this will be accessible.

Manifold for Combustion: 

  • Krogan Mechanic is the quest giver.
  • Urdnot Camp is the location.
  • INFO: You’ll find this throughout Mordin’s loyalty mission. The mechanic will be repairing a tomkah that has broken down. After Mordin: Old Blood, this will be accessible.

Pyjak assassination: 

  • QUESTION GIVING PERSON: Ratch (Shopkeeper)
  • Urdnot Camp is the location.
  • INFO: You may activate this assignment after completing Grunt and Mordin’s loyalty tasks.





Since I posted my Mass Effect 2 Tuchanka Guide, I’ve received countless emails from people asking for a more in-depth guide to the missions on Tuchanka. This is it. More and more, Tuchanka (and other planets) are becoming a must-visit location in Mass Effect 2. There are three major assignments to do on Tuchanka and several sub-missions. Here they are: Hive, Science, and Biotic.. Read more about mass effect 2 assignments worth doing and let us know what you think.