In case you haven’t figured it out yet, My Friend Pedro is a popular joke-based multiplayer game that can be found on Steam. Upon Steam, it has been featured on the front page of the store! In the game, you play as Pedro, a friend of the devil. The game has over 200 achievements, which are split into two categories:

This guide is a guide for the My Friend Pedro achievement in the game Left 4 Dead 2.

My Friend Pedro Achievement Guide | This guide aims to teach you how to play “My Friend Pedro” on Xbox One, and maybe even help you get through the later achievements for the game!

My Friend Pedro, by Devolver Digital, is a fantastic shooter full of furious, creative action that will have you wanting more. The game was released on Thursday, June 20. You’ll want to go through the list below if you want to acquire every accomplishment that this fantastic shooter has to offer.

The Road to Victory

There are just 30 accomplishments in this game, thus achieving the 100 percent goal isn’t as difficult as it could be in other games. In reality, completing all of the achievements in My Friend Pedro is not a difficult task. You’ll have to defeat 2,000 opponents, which means you’ll have to devote some time to the game.

“Combon, Combon, Combon, Combon, Combon, Combon, Com” is maybe the most hardest accomplishment to get. ” You’ll need to acquire an x50 combo multiplier to get this one. However, if you spend enough time in the game to gain 2,000 kills, you’ll be familiar enough with the game’s fundamentals to reach this multiplier without too much difficulty.

On each level, though, you must achieve a S – Ranking. Try to relax and enjoy your first playing, since you’ll most certainly rack up a slew of achievements. After that, concentrate on achieving the S rankings. As you accomplish these activities, you’ll get stats toward milestones such as “Because video games are fun.” and “Shamona.”

Return to the list below once you’ve achieved those S ranks and clean up what’s left. In the end, getting a perfect score in this game will take some time. It should, however, not be an overly tough task.

Achievement Description
Because video games 100 crates must be broken.
Make a statement. Jump through ten different windows.
Three birds, one big bang With one explosion, kill at least three opponents.
Combo Mumbo Get a 10x multiplier.
Comb-o-ver Get a 20x multiplier.
Ah, Combon now! Get a 50x multiplier.
Well done smack an adversary in the face with a frying pan
Don’t h8 if you’re a sk8. Kick an opponent in the face with a skateboard.
Consider your options quickly. Kick an opponent in the face with a Gas Canister.
You take a knife to the meat. stab an opponent with a knife
Pan that flies By ricocheting a bullet off a frying pan, you can kill the opponent.
Jester 10 times juggle a basketball without it hitting anything
Barrely had anticipated it. Using a barrel to kill an opponent
Table service is available. 10 tables must be flipped.
Shamona 1000 gunshots to avoid
Yes, you certainly can. Kick your opponents 100 times.
They most likely earned it. 500 opponents must be defeated.
Terroristic inclinations Defeat 1000 foes
Morally ambiguous Defeat 2000 foes
You get a gold star. Obtain an S-rating.
Wow Get an S-rating on all ten levels.
Remove your shoulders. Get an S-rating on 25 different levels.
S stands for Sensei. On all levels, get an S-rating.
Fingers that are numb Completing a level without using a weapon is possible.
One to take on the road Complete the “Old Town” chapter.
Taking a chance Complete the chapter “District Null.”
So, what exactly happened? Complete the chapter “Pedro’s World.”
Stream of consciousness Complete the chapter “The Sewer.”
The connection has been lost. Complete the chapter “The Internet.”
Face the facts. Complete the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does it take to beat my friend Pedro?

It takes about an hour to beat Pedro on hard mode.

How do I get the most points in my friend Pedro?

You can get the most points in your friend Pedro by playing with him.

How many levels are in my friend Pedro?

I do not have an answer for this question.

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