PUBG’s 50-player deathmatch didn’t succeed this weekend, with a lack of players and server instability. The gaming industry is still figuring out how to handle the influx of new users from blockchain technology, but it looks like blockchain games are going to be a tough sell for now.

What is pubg is a question that has been asked on multiple occasions. The 50 player deathmatch didn’t succeed this weekend, but the developers are still hard at work to make sure it does. Read more in detail here: what is pubg. is the source of this information.

PUBG Corp just announced that the Desert Knights mode, a limited-time 50-player deathmatch, would be available in the game. This is a new multiplayer mode that can be found in most shooter games. The game is already quite popular among teenagers, children, and adults, and the new feature should have been a fantastic start for it to gain even more popularity, but it did not.

The servers were unreliable, leading Bluehole to remove the new game mode entirely on Friday, despite the fact that it had just been released on Thursday and was intended to function for the whole weekend, when most players had free time to play. The deathmatch feature was preventing PUBG players from joining the servers, resulting in a shambles. The following is what PUBG Corp said on Twitter about the cause:


Players on the PC: The emergency maintenance has been completed.

We’ve had to call an early stop to this week’s event mode since it was discovered to be the source of recent server problems. Our engineers are working diligently to guarantee that this issue does not recur.

May 4, 2018 — PUBG Help (@PUBG help)

Players were given less than 24 hours to try out the new mode, which was a terrible experience for PUBG players. PUBG Corp, on the other hand, is working to resolve the issues so that this does not happen again in the near future. PUBG just received a 10.6GB update that adds new weapons and vehicles to the game. PUBG Corporation is currently working feverishly to improve the game.


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