PUBG Corp, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has announced that they will be providing an update to their game in order to make it hack-free. The announcement comes after a number of players were banned from playing due to cheating.

The pubg anti cheat bypass is a feature that will be released in the upcoming update. This update will provide an anti-cheat update for PUBG Corp’s game, to ensure that players are playing on a level playing field.

PUBG is now the most popular game on Steam and any other platform. It’s tough to keep track of every hacker when there are millions of concurrent gamers and a huge player base. These kind of games are prone to hacking, and PUBG Corp has already blacklisted hundreds of thousands of hackers. However, there are still certain flaws in the game that hackers exploit.

PUBG Corp today revealed its new “Anti-Cheat” upgrade, which will go live next week, in order to remove the potential. It is currently being tested. Because certain apps connect with the game and may offer an edge over other players, this update will prohibit any app that may be utilized in the game from being deactivated. PUBG Corp is now tighter than it was before. They don’t want any kind of software used with the game that improves the visuals or helps in any manner.


The update may also restrict applications that have no effect on gameplay, however these will be unblocked following testing and verification. Only programs that do not offer an unfair advantage will be allowed to function with the game as a result of this.

PUBG Corp will take three steps to prevent cheating in the game:-

Reporting feature in-game

This feature should enable players to report any suspicious behavior so that the PUBG team can determine whether or not cheating is taking place. If you’re familiar with the way CSGO Overwatch works, this might be comparable. It should be useful for players who think someone in the game is cheating and want to report it right away.

Modifications to the File

If you change or remove any game files, your game access will be restricted. So, if you ever attempt to do this, be careful because it will be discovered, and it may be your final game.

Sharing of Accounts

When the primary account player is not playing any game, Steam has a function called Family sharing that allows other accounts to access the game of the main account player. Because of the potential that someone may take advantage of this, PUBG Corp is discontinuing its support shortly. Despite the fact that they are aware that this will be a painful event for many people, they want the game to be as fair as possible.

Since the game’s debut, PUBG Corp has been extremely active, banning hackers on a regular basis. A game can only last a long time if appropriate measures to ensure fair gaming are implemented on a regular basis.


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