In a recent Xbox update, PUBG is now available to play on the XBOX One. The game has been updated with new content and features that will make it easier to get into ranked matches.

PUBG is getting a new patch update on XBOX one. This update will be available today, and it includes a variety of bug fixes, performance improvements, and more. Read more in detail here: pubg update xbox one today.”comppeting-output.xlsx”

According to the newest news from the PUBG Corp, PUBG, one of the most popular shooter/survival games right now, will get a patch update for Xbox One. It is going to reach the live servers, with the goal of resolving several critical issues and optimizing the system.

The vehicle system has been partly optimized, where the dust effect is produced by friction with the ground, and the voice chat has been corrected, which causes crashes, according to the latest version.


Similarly, many gameplay changes have been made, such as the vehicle flipping in the air for no apparent reason and the problem with the 4x scope being overly reflecting. In addition, larger cars will do greater damage than smaller ones. If you collide with a tree or a wall while riding a bike, you will now suffer more damage than if you collide with a vehicle.

The following are some UI/UX improvements:-

1. Corrected an issue where some UI layouts were not correctly aligned.

2. Fixed an issue where buttons linked to the user interface (map, inventory, etc.) were interfering with vehicle operation.

3. Fixed an issue where the equipment symbols on the HUD were not showing up correctly.

4. When using controller preset B, the LT and RT scrolling in the inventory was not functioning.

5. Depending on the R stick acceleration setting, the problem of excessive acceleration when the stick is inclined more than a specific degree was fixed.

6. Corrected an issue where team member indications were erroneously shown on the aircraft.

The latest update also introduces a new crate called “Western Military Crate,” which can be obtained via BP. The drop rates for all of the cosmetics that can be acquired from this crate can be seen on the official announcement page. PUBG Corp has said that there will be some major announcements and content releases in the coming weeks.



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The new pubg update 2020 is a new patch update for the popular game, PUBG. This update will be coming to XBOX One soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the new update for PUBG on Xbox one?

The new update is the Xbox One X.

What is the PUBG update today?

The PUBG update today is the 1.0 release of the game on Xbox One and PC.

When PUBG new update is coming?

The new update for PUBG is not yet released. We are still waiting on the release date.

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