If you’ve played RiME, you know that the final cutscene is an absolutely gorgeous animation with a spectacularly simplistic but surprisingly memorable soundtrack. (Thank you, Joris de Man for that masterpiece.) It’s a short scene, but it’s one of the few times that the game’s visuals are truly out of this world. So, what’s it about? How did the developers pull it off? And how did we do?

RiME is a highly praised game that mixes platforming, exploration, and underwater exploration to create a unique experience, and a worthy challenge to see just how far you can go. In this trophy guide, we will show you how to get the First Bubble Underwater Achievement.

RiME is a game that has been very well received and has gained a lot of attention from streamers and content creators alike. Over the last month, I have begun recording trophy runs of the game as well as creating guides for different trophies. Since I’m a big fan of both the game and the community, I thought I’d create a guide to help fellow RiME players achieve their goals. The guide is currently broken up into three parts, each with a different trophy. Part One is a walkthrough for the Hold Your Breath trophy, and the other two are trophies that are similar to it, having to do with other “puzzles” in the game. There are also a few tips sprinkled in for those who are looking for a

Within RiME, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, one of which being Hold your breath.

Hold your breath requires players to use only one bubble in the underwater cave. As you continue the story you will inevitabley come across an underwater cave, the underwater cave will split into 3 sections but the simplicity of this task is that one only section will work for this trophy achievement..

Here’s how you can solve this problem.






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