In SWJFO, you will be discovering your surroundings in different places in the Star Wars universe. This includes important locations of the Star Wars universe such as the planet Alderaan, Hoth and Dagobah. You will explore these places with Star Wars characters from the film, and you will be discovering how it looks on Earth. This will include things like the type of planet, the vegetation, the animals, the weather and the topography.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order : Outlander (Poncho Material) Location Guide Hello there! I’m your newest SWJFO : OUTLANDER (Poncho Material) Location Guide, where you will find all the locations of Outlander Poncho in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. I will also be updating this guide with new locations as they are found. If you are interested in more guides such as this one and would like to see them, Patreon is where all my Star Wars content will be published. My personal goal is to be able to publish at least one such guide per month.

Where do we find resources for our (SWJFO) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order : Outlander (Poncho Material) Location Guide? We have the only SWJFO location guide for Outlander that is updated to include everything released so far for the game.

Poncho Materials are one of the numerous collectibles that may be found and collected in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Though there are many Poncho Materials to gather, the most, if not all, can be discovered in chests, so if you like exploring, you should have no trouble discovering the various collectibles and skins.

CommsLink, a story-related item/ability, is required for some of the chests. 

Anyway, we’ll show you where to look for Outlander Poncho Material down below.


NAME: Outlander Eilram’s Tomb / Zeffo’s Tomb





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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free kashyyyk poncho?

You can find the kashyyyk poncho in the games store.

Is there a black poncho in fallen order?

Yes, there is a black poncho in fallen order.

Is there a Jedi outfit in fallen order?

There is no Jedi outfit in Fallen Order.

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