The Vicsar Max is a powerful and unique companion who can be obtained by completing the Star Rank Mission ” The Outer Worlds : How To Recruit Vicar Max” located in “The Halls of Oryx: The Dread Fortress”. The Companion is a full fledged member of the Hive mind that cannot be killed and can only be stopped by the use of an A.I. that can override the Hive mind and gain control of the Companion. The Companion is a powerful ally that can be used to achieve many objectives throughout the game. The guide will show you how to recruit the Vicsar Max into your ship as well as how to use the Companion during your travels in the game.

The key to Vicar Max’s recruitment is his ability to summon spirits to fight for you with spells, but all of his summons come from his “inner circle” of witches that he has trained himself. As such, you can’t simply fight Vicar Max’s summons by killing them, but must instead find allies with whom to fight. And you can’t fight your allies for too long, since they will be killed if you don’t keep a good eye on them.

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Vicar Max is only one of many various friends that may be recruited. He may be recruited early on in the game as well.

Vicar Max has been the Vicar of the Church in Edgewater for a long time. His mission is really connected to the main narrative, so the game essentially hands it over to you. However, if you’re still uncertain how to enlist him or need assistance completing his tasks, we’ve put up a tutorial for you below. 


As you continue through the narrative, talk with Edgewater’s boss (Reed Tobson) and see if you can recruit the girl here as well, which shouldn’t be too difficult as she already wants to join you.

However, when you begin to plan your departure. Your new female companion will urge you to pause for a moment, and in doing so, she will tell you about Vicar Max, allowing you to access a new optional section of the narrative. 

Vicar Max resides at the town’s church, which is also the town’s sole church. When you speak to him, you’ll see that he’s really anxious to get his hands on a certain book, and thus his journey starts.

You’ll find out where to travel next thanks to the mission markers; it’ll be an Abandoned Outpost to the east. The thing you’re looking for may be found downstairs in a tiny room. You will need to go to a tiny cave if you examine this object (Collectors Letter) more closely.

Don’t worry, this cave is really devoid of anything hazardous, with the exception of the small mines on the floor, which fortunately weren’t discovered too late (don’t worry, I actually stepped on them and died, making for a sad and interesting day). Here’s where you’ll find the book in the Safe. If you forgot to bring any lockpicks with you, there should be plenty on the shelf next to you. (Mag-Pick)

With the book in your possession, you may safely return to Vicar Max to enlist him and complete the mission!

Vicar Max’s major areas of expertise are:

Bonus Support Hack: +10 Hack Sermon: +20 percent Dialog Combat Effect Duration Bonus Support Hack: +10 Support Hack +20 percent for Mad Max Damage from Science Weapons





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