The article is intended as a companion to the “Outer Worlds : The Empty Man” video, so the reader is assumed to have watched the video. It is written for “The Outer Worlds” video game, which is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. There are also versions for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game is designed to be more immersive than a standard video game, useful for helping a player to experience a realistic and detailed world. It enables the player to interact with NPCs, roam the world, and explore.

The Vicar is now one of the more important characters in the game. As the last person who can stop the spread of the infection, the Vicar must now make hard choices. He must weigh the safety of the innocent against the lives of the infected, and he must decide who must die, and who must live.

The Empty Man is a companion quest in the game ‘The Outer Worlds’. Vicar Max is the name of his companion. He is also referred to as ‘Empty Man’ by the NPCs in the quest.

One of companion Vicar Max’s possible side missions is The Empty Man. 

It entails his attempting to discover his inner self in order to break away from his fixation with the Plan and his trust in the topic as a whole. 

However, if you do not initially enlist him to your squad, you may lose out on this mission. See this link for further information on how to recruit him: Where Can I Find Vicar Max?


After successfully recruiting him, it may take some time before he asks if you may speak with him; thus, if you do not include him in your squad or remain in close proximity to him during this time, this mission may be missed. 

It’s really very simple to finish the quest, and from what I’ve seen after trying it a few times, it can only lead to one result. 

You can’t really go lost thanks to the mission signs, but be cautious not to miss the task. You will get the trophy / accomplishment Anything for a Friend after successfully completing the task.





The Empty Man (Vicar Max) on the surface is a rather boring and uninspired character in The Outer Worlds. Max comes with a book for a companion quest, the Vicar Max Companion Quest. This book gives you a basic idea of how to play Max as your companion. It is a bit non-canonical in that the book gives you some extra insight into what happened in the game, but is mostly about the story you are trying to discover.. Read more about outer worlds empty man intelligence and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you kill Reginald Chaney?

If you kill Reginald Chaney, the game will end.

How do you do the vicar Max quest?

The Vicar Max quest is a sidequest that you can do in the game. To start, go to the church and talk to the vicar there. He will ask you to find his missing cat, which is located on top of the bell tower. Once you have found it, he will give you a reward and send you back to town.

How do you get vicar Max as a companion?

You can find him in the games main menu.

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