This chapter introduces some of the more interesting items and weapons you can get your hands on in the game. The weapons and armor listed here are not exhaustive, and there are many other items that are not included.

Browsing through the Witcher 2 wiki, I’ve found pretty much all the information you need to get started with your new game. There are item and armor pages, and there are plenty of pages dedicated to talking about crafting items, but i’ve yet to find a page for weapons and armor. So I decided that our guide should be a weapon and armor page, including an ability to craft them. So far, I’ve only talked about armor, and I’m hoping that with the release of the second DLC, we can dive into the game’s weapons as well.

The best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming Witcher 2 is to know the different types of weapons, the different types of armor, and the different types of items you can find in the game. I will, as usual, be dividing this guide into two parts: weapons and armor.. Read more about witcher 2 weapons guide and let us know what you think.

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Weapons, Armor, and Items (Chapter 2)

The second-best silver swords you can acquire are craftable right away as you start the chapter. With a little research, a superb steel blade, armor, and caster’s gloves may be discovered very quickly for Roche’s route.

You can purchase the finest armor in the chapter straight immediately if you choose Iorveth’s route; you’ll also ultimately get a better steel blade and have access to nearly all of the excellent things from the other path.

Alchemy players that rely on bombs or traps may choose to take Iorveth’s route instead of Roche’s since two armors that enhance bomb and trap damage are not accessible on Roche’s path. For access to +sign damage items, mages should follow Roche’s route.

Let me save you some time and tell you not to bother with the Draug armor schematic. The developers cruelly dangle this in front of you by placing it on merchants at the start of the chapter, but you won’t be able to get it until Chapter 3, when stronger armors will be accessible.

Meteorite Ore Sword of the Witcher (Silver Sword)

  • 30-33 points of damage
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • Sign Damage: +7 (blue)
  • 1 percent Instant Death (red)
  • +2 to the amount of adrenaline produced when a hit is made (yellow)
  • Craftable; purchase schematics from a quartermaster (Roche’s route) or a craftsman near Philipa’s home (Iorveth’s path).


  • It comes in three hues (blue, yellow, and red), and it needs two meteorite ore of the same color.
  • Meteorite ore is strewn around in the homes and tents.
  • You’ll need 8 Silver Ore, so stock up before you leave Chapter 1.
  • Obviously, choose a hue that complements your physique.
  • Note that the Adrenaline Generation Bonus is only active once you have obtained Combat Acumen.

Arbitrator (Arbitrator) (Steel Sword)

  • 29-33 points of damage
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • 4 percent stun, 13 percent bleeding
  • Arachas guarded a small pool near Visionary’s home when it was discovered.


  • This weapon is available for Roche’s route as soon as you leave the army camp, which is towards the beginning of the chapter. It’s at a place you’ll visit for a quest later, but you may go there now.
  • To find the sword, exit the army camp via the front entrance, turn hard left, and follow the stake line all the way to the corner. You should be able to see a tunnel in the cliffs that leads to a room full with corpses and Rotfiends. From here, take the right-hand route until you reach a wooded region with a large number of endregas. An Arachas (similar to the endrega Queens of Chapter 1) guards a region with two small ponds in the rear right of this location. The sword may be found in the distant pool.
  • The sword for Iorveth’s route may be discovered much later in the chapter at the same place.

Banner of the Dun Sword

  • 26-33 points of damage
  • 3 Rune Slots
  • On Block, 20 damage is reduced.
  • Knockdown rate of 10%
  • Dwarven Catacombs were acquired during the Death Symbolized Quest.


  • Due to the three rune slots, I prefer this over Arbitrator, but the knockdown effect has never worked for me. This sword has three Fire Runes, which is fantastic for a character with a Critical Effects build.
  • To get the sword, you must deceive a ghost by properly answering questions concerning Brenna and Vergen’s fights. You may get the answers by talking to NPCs who took part in the wars. You got it incorrect, Manno Coehorn, He died, Setkirk, and Vandergrift are the first few replies.
  • Talking to the wraith is a narrative quest that you will almost certainly complete. 
  • Incorrect responses lead the wraith to attack, and you will not get the sword if you finish the mission.
  • This quest is available very immediately after arriving in Vergen for Iorveth’s route, therefore complete it as soon as possible.
  • This task is considerably later in the chapter for Roche’s route, so obtain Arbitrator first.

Sword of Princess Xenthia

  • 31-35 points of damage 
  • a single rune slot
  • +10 poison
  • +20 bleed 
  • It may be obtained right away in Chapter 2. Simply play dice with Skalen Burdon (the man who shows you to your room) until you win. Play him once again for a new quest item. (This addition is thanks to an anonymous remark.)


  • Until Gwyhyr, it’s the finest steel sword. 

Gwyhyr Gwyhyr Gwyhyr G (Steel Sword)

  • 30-40% damage
  • 3 Rune Slots
  • Block: +20 Vitality, +30 Damage Reduction
  • 19% of the time, you’ll bleed, and 9% of the time, you’ll be stunned.
  • Baltimore’s Nightmare Quest was acquired; in the conclusion, you must deliver the notes to Vergen.


  • Only Iorveth’s route is accessible; after collecting dream crystals, a quest is available halfway through the chapter.
  • Easily the greatest weapon in the game up to this point. The stun effect instantly kills opponents.
  • At the conclusion of this guide, look for the part titled “Baltimore’s Nightmare Quest.”

Sword of Blood

  • 32-36 points of damage
  • 3 Rune Slots
  • Bleeding in 53% of cases
  • Found in a chest in a Dwarven mining tunnel


  • Roche’s route alone; discovered late in the chapter when visiting a buddy in Vergen’s tunnels.
  • Bullvore and Greater Rotfiend defend the far bottom right chamber on the map.
  • The 3rd rune slot is a great improvement over the Meteorite sword you’ve presumably been wielding for the whole chapter.

(Silver Sword) Negotiator

  • 19–25 points of damage
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • Added 30 Vitality
  • Bleed for 20% of the time, then freeze for 20% of the time.
  • Acquired: Late in the chapter, as part of the narrative on both routes.


  • The Freeze effect, which slows opponents and makes them susceptible to shatter (immediate death) on a powerful strike, is noteworthy.
  • On both routes, it was acquired at a similar time late in the Chapter.
  • This is a prize for completing a major narrative task on Iorveth’s route.
  • It is looted from a key NPC late in the chapter for Roche’s route.

Ban Ard’s Armor

  • +16 Damage Reduction
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • +40 Vitality and a 2% reduction in Magic Damage
  • +22% Bleed, Incinerate, and Poison Resistance
  • Found in caverns under an army camp.


  • You may acquire this armor for Roche’s route right after you start the chapter (and a pretty big upgrade from the Chapter 1 Armors)
  • Turn right at the arena and continue straight to the entrance; leave the camp; the caverns are just beyond where you’ll meet Oodrin.
  • When you first approach the caverns, turn left, battle your way through several Rotfiends, look to your right for an iron grate, and leap over a gap.
  • The armor is lying on the ground, guarded by a Golem.
  • You’ll travel through this region later on Iorveth’s route, but you’ll most likely have armor that’s as excellent as, if not better than, what Iorveth has.

Armor made of dragonscales

  • +17 Damage Reduction
  • 3 Rune Slots
  • +50 Vitality, +10% Magic Damage Reduction
  • Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, and Poison have increased by 40%.
  • Traps have a 50 percent damage multiplier.
  • Purchased from a craftsman/merchant right within the outer gates of Vergen.


  • Iorveth’s route alone; perhaps the finest armor in Act 2 and available from a craftsman/merchant just within Vergen’s outer gates at the start of the chapter.
  • With haggling skills, the price is 2.8k orens. Near Vergen, orens may be readily cultivated; check the “Farming” section of this FAQ for further information.

Armor of Thyssen

  • +15 Damage Reduction
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • Magical damage is reduced by 2%.
  • Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, and Poison have increased by 27%.
  • Bomb damage is increased by 50%.
  • Acquired: Must have done autopsy and sided with ‘female’ NPC during Flickering Heart Sidequest.


  • Only available on Iorveth’s route; clearly inferior to Dragonscale armor.
  • – The bomb damage boost, on the other hand, is extremely potent, particularly when combined with
  • Alchemist is a special skill.

Armor of Zirael

  • +17 Damage Reduction
  • 3 Rune Slots
  • +30 Vitality, +15 Magic Damage Reduction
  • Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, and Poison have increased by 37%.
  • Sign Damage: +7
  • Automatically as part of the narrative quest


  • Roche’s route alone; obtained from an NPC halfway through the chapter as part of the main narrative quest.
  • This is something you receive just before you cross the mist for Vergen, and it’s easy to overlook it in your inventory.
  • Not much better than Bad Ard armor for non-mages, although Diamond Armor Enhancements are very inexpensive.

Loc Muine’s Armor

  • +18 Damage Reduction
  • 2 Rune Slots
  • Reduced magical damage by 10%
  • +22% Bleed, Poison, and Incinerate Resistance
  • In combat, vigor regeneration is increased by 10%.
  • Iorveth’s route was stolen from an NPC opponent late in the chapter.


  • Geralt is temporarily kidnapped by foes in the army camp late in the chapter as part of the narrative quest, but solely on Iorveth’s route.
  • An NPC will ask Geralt whether he wants to continue after battling and murdering his captors; you must instruct this NPC to wait and examine the corpses.
  • When compared to Dragonscale Armor, it has somewhat higher DR but less resistances and vitality, and you acquire it so late that upgrading it isn’t worth it. Mage characters following Iorveth’s path may still wear it for the Vigor Regen, since they lack the +sign damage armor mentioned above.

Gloves of the Mage

  • +0 Damage Reduction
  • Reduced magical damage by 10%
  • Sign Damage: +5
  • Found in a secluded valley near an army camp.


  • On both routes, it may be located in the same spot. You may find Roche’s route right at the start of the chapter. You’ll have to wait until later in the chapter to traverse the mists for Iorveth’s route.
  • After crossing the little footbridge, walk straight from the camp’s front entrance and hang a left (brothel tents are on the right). Pass past a fallen wagon guarded by three Rotfiends, which has two corpses. Maintain a straight route and keep an eye out for a spot to drop down into the ravine on your right.
  • Geralt’s medallion will vibrate, and an Arachas will protect the gloves.
  • This Moon Rune is somewhat better than another Moon Rune since it has a boost to sign damage. Obviously, this is ideal for magicians.

  • Chapter 3 of the Witcher Weapons, Armor, and Items Guide

With the new DLC story release,  ‘The New Game+’ , we have yet another opportunity to level up and obtain the best weapons, armor and items in the game. The weapons can be obtained from any place, but the armor and items are only available via specific locations. The best place to get all the items is of course  the  ‘New Game+’ , a special mode that lets you continue your story after you completed the main story. The best items in the game are only available in this mode, so make sure you have at least one level 20 character to start this mode.. Read more about witcher 2 best armor chapter 3 and let us know what you think.

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