This guide will cover everything you’ll need to know to beat each of the three Horsemen of the Apocalypse on a single playthrough. You’ll learn a lot about the enemy patterns, what to expect, and what to do to conquer them in the most efficient way possible.

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The third mission for the Serious Sam 4 – All Secrets (Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Mission 3) guide has been released and it is time for you to get the secrets! If you have decided to follow my guide and play it with me, then I will tell you in this post the strategy to beat the final boss of the mission. I will tell you who the four horsemen of the apocalypse are, and what their special abilities are. So, let’s start with the first one: The first horseman is the one who is wearing the green suit. His name is the Reaver. He has a weapon that shoots multiple laser beams. He is the one that you have to fight the most. You have to know that he

Serious Sam 4 has a lot of different objectives, and most of them include a lot of different items for you to discover.

Weapons like the Rocket Launcher, Depots, Armors, and more are among the items available.

So, how about we attempt to locate these? We’ll start with Mission 3: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Mission 3 of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has a total of nine distinct treasures.


Our goal for this assignment is to Place the First Beacon, as well as to locate a tiny shack structure near a small hill (as seen above). For this one, you’ll want to be right here.

Now, near this tiny shack structure, there should be a wall on the north east side of it (straight north if your character has the shack building on the right); either way, it should be in the same area; just search for a wall.

If you look closely at this wall, you should see tiny green plants and trees around it; the first secret is hidden inside these bushes.


Continuing on from the last collectable, you may now go to the quest marker as usual. However, after you reach halfway up the hill, STOP because you don’t want to go too far away from the real shack structure.

Okay, hopefully you’ve taken my advice and come to a complete stop; now, before proceeding up the remainder of this little slope by the shack building, we’ll turn right (so basically going from the shack area to the area opposite it)

While you’re here, continuing following the lower route adjacent to the wall (it almost seems like a bunker, but it’s not), this path will ultimately lead you to a wooden walled off area, where you should SHOOT the wooden doorway that appears to be obstructing your passage. You’ll be able to locate what you’re searching for after successfully removing this wooden doorway.


Now that we’ve gotten away from the final secret, I’m happy to report that it’s now safe to follow the remainder of the slope up and out of this region.

Continue following the quest sign, but keep an eye on the left side since you’ll want to go in that way when you reach a more open area with different walls, pillars, and a tiny set of stairs on the left.

Continue to the left, passing through a tiny alcove before entering the next section.

A little wooden structure should welcome you as you follow this route around to the right.

If you look above and to the right of this aforementioned wooden building, you should notice a structure with wooden planks on which you may leap to (if you’ve read my previous tutorials, you’ll know how much this game loves its platforming), so you’ll want to hop on to these beautiful wooden planks.

The final objective is to utilize this wooden plank construction to reach the adjacent wooden building’s roof top, then use the nearby brick wall to climb on to the real wall from there.

Oh, what a beautiful pond! Unfortunately, this is not the time to take a short dive; instead, move to your right and you should find additional boards and logs that you may use to cross. So go ahead and bridge this gap with the following board.

If you turn around and gaze up at the wooden plank construction you went past at the other end of this wooden plank, you should be able to see the next secret on top of it; just leap to it to access it.


You’ll need to locate the Optional Objective: Key to Success for the following one.

Then go to the right side of the wall where the objective sign is affixed, then turn left at the fork and continue the next route to the real quest marker.

Continue on this route, but when you come across an alcove to the left, turn around and go towards it to get closer to the quest sign.

You should be able to locate a row of damaged pillar stands here; this whole situation now seems suspicious, don’t you think? Regardless, disregard these damaged pillars for the time being and investigate the shattered building behind them.

To activate the Bad Karma Trap, you must enter this damaged building. You will now be assaulted and must defend yourself against your next adversary. There will be a large number of them, but they are no match for the Shotgun; just be ready for it.


Returning your attention away from the frantic excitement, continue to follow the quest marker.

However, when you get to a series of huge alcove walls and a doorway leading to the quest marker, you should come to a halt.

It’s time to go platforming again! You’ll want to climb to the top of the little wall adjacent to the tree and across from a pair of pillars.

Then turn around and face the higher walls to your right (if you are in the direction that has you facing the set of pillars and the nearby tree)

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Then, rather of utilizing these barriers as stepping stones, you will want to leap on to each one. (Of course, like with any platforming, some trial and error is required.)

However, if you time and position yourself properly, you may attempt to access the following secret by entirely skipping the center wall.

In any case, the next secret is on the far wall, and it’s the one closest to the next tree.


If you keep following the quest marker, you’ll ultimately find yourself in what seems to be some kind of Gladiator Arena from the outside.

When you enter what seems to be a “Gladiator Arena,” however, it turns out to be simply a big open space with many (you guessed it) pillars.

We now wish to go to the North West part of the region beyond the grass and to still more damaged walls, regardless of whether it is a Gladiator Arena or not.

You’ll want to go down a small slope and to the big alcove near a tree in this following location.

Now, in the center of the room, there should be a huge structure (similar to the one we used to trigger the Bad Karma Trap); behind this structure are numerous dark alcoves; we want to be behind these alcoves.

While you’re behind this, you’ll want to go to the far wall (which will contain some great things for you), but doing so will almost certainly summon a fiend to attack you. Defeat this opponent and repeat the process, but this time with the other wall on the other end of the other one, prompting another foe to deal with.

Continue racing from wall to wall, killing each opponent you encounter, and you’ll notice that as you do so, additional red flashing markings (health items, ammunition, etc.) will emerge. If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll be trapped up here until each adversary is dealt with.

As long as you keep repeating this procedure, the waves of adversaries will keep arriving, growing from one to one or two, then three or four. Simply keep racing from wall to wall, collecting the different red objects that emerge after each kill; these items will not appear until you have completed this procedure and slain any remaining enemies.

It may be a lengthy process, but you will be rewarded with tasty health foods and other goodies at the end of each round.

When the wall is successfully covered with Health items, the wave of attackers will ultimately cease, so simply keep going until then.

Uh-oh, you should also hear a big explosion nearby. The real fun starts now!

  • 1626572886_743_Serious-Sam-4-%E2%80%93-All-Secrets-Four-Horsemen-Of-The

Say welcome to Pyrone, the Big Rocket Man, who appears in dramatic manner! If you haven’t already, this is an excellent opportunity to switch to the Rocket Launcher; have fun!


If you continue following the quest sign, you should eventually come upon a statue of a guy amid some wooden plank scaffolding. Continue following the quest marker from here.

Near the statue and wooden plank scaffolding, the quest sign should lead you up a series of stairs. Continue along the road, and the Professor should begin chatting to Sam about his colleague Dr. Stein and an Alien artifact as you go.

Continue on the route and you will come to a dead end, although it is not really a dead end. Turning to the left, you should be able to see a tiny tunnel that you may enter; do so.

You’ll want to spin around at the top of the stairs so that you’re facing the steps again, then wriggle your way onto the area and grass immediately above the steps you just ascended.

Then, to locate those much-needed Rockets, follow the grass around and to the left.


Return to the stairs you just ascended and turn left instead of right.

Continue forward, following the quest sign and stairs down, until you reach a new, unexplored location containing an Ancient Roman Rocket Launcher. Continue around and to the left, closer to the quest sign, on the fairly straight route.

When fiends start leaping out of the earth, kill them swiftly and then turn left into a maze-like region. More fiends will appear to welcome you.

You’ll eventually come to a dead end in this region, but closer examination will reveal a structure (clearly, these buildings are actually coffins by now), but don’t worry, Pyrone won’t be bursting out of this one either. We’ll have to jump in ourselves, however.

Examine the corpse within the casket in order to hear an unknown voice and engage in combat with the guy himself.


Now that we’ve left the Count behind, we can go back to following that beautiful quest sign. On your way out, Rodriguez will call Sam to inform him that Beacon two has been set up.

Continue down the route until you reach a doorway with a green light above it. Oh, this is a very big open space, right? Something’s going to happen, right?

Yes, because it is here that we may place our second beacon and catch up to Rodriguez; after all, we weren’t far behind him, and as Sam pointed out, he probably got the easy ones!

After all, we’ll want to go via the adjacent doorway with the red light above it after putting the beacon. Don’t worry, the gate will open, or at the very least it should.

Listen to Kenny through the fence; he seems to be done with his work as well. Then take a left.

Several gates should be seen here, one of which has a green light above it.

However, for the sake of this tutorial, we’ll focus on the right-hand gate (the one without a light)

You’ll want to keep shooting through the opening in the fence (it’s better to use a Rocket Launcher here).

Continue shooting through the gate until the notification “Secret Companion Orb Has Been Found” appears.





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